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Movie Review: The Presence

SarahJane HeckscherMarquis image

SarahJane HeckscherMarquis wrote this review 6 years and 1 month ago

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A beautiful, emotional and mature film for the discerning thinker.

This is a great movie. I loved it. Breath-takingly beautiful, the stunning scenery is a character itself. Calm, serene, yet curiously menacing.
The ghost story is genuinely unnerving. His silent presence at first seems benign, harmless, as though he were part of the furniture. I love the opening scenes as we examine his world, moving through every room in the tiny cottage. You get a sense of the smallness and lack of space. The appearance of the woman into this inner desert suddenly feels like over-crowding. She displaces him, he watches her… Tiny clues to his nature and her nature, the emotions subtly begin to shift. His silent anger as she communicates with the outside world. The arrival of the boyfriend, and the ghost is displaced again, the tension slowly escalates.
Tom Provost has written and directed a truly unnerving tale, dark, slightly sinister. Be clear on this, if you like your ghost stories high octane, with an unfeasible body count and everything spelled out for you in blood-stained black and white, this film is not for you. If on the other hand you like your ghost tales to be achingly beautiful and vaguely reminiscent of Japanese cinema, while embracing the spirit that is truly American, you could do a great deal worse than to give this a try.



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