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Movie Review: Trust

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 3 months ago

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Ladies and gentleman, I have a new found respect for David Schwimmer! For years hiding out enjoying all that ‘Fuck You’ money acquired at the cost of ‘FRIENDS,’ this geeky, push-over, hopeless romantic by the name of “ROSS” outdid himself by displaying a total understanding for story-telling and visually smearing it all over our ugly faces, presenting one of the most intense genres pertaining to predatory existences and disarray caused by its actions!

When Annie (Liana Liberato), a 14-year-old girl, is seduced by a 41-year-old internet predator she knows only as "Charlie," it tears apart her family. While her father (Clive Owen) becomes obsessed with revenge fantasies, Annie enters therapy, where she refuses to admit she's been victimized.

‘TRUST’ is written and directed in a way that doesn’t dumb up the substance for easier coping with those involved in the story, nor does it present any kind of “solutions!” it’s a straight forward piece of taking on the task of coping, surviving and allowing existences—as ugly as they are—as actions in life which pretty much happen at the cost of psychological strengths and weaknesses.

I’m not sure how old Liberato is, but this girl is ONE-HELL-OF-AN-ACTRESS! I would say more than half the film entails emotional distress, and this girl carried it very well and knew what to deliver and when. Her timing was/and or is off-the-hook, and whether expressing herself verbally or based on gestures—especially during a deep, dark, conversation with her dad (Owen)—not only can you feel the pain she’s suffering (More so after the rape), but also see it. It’s so physically draining and when balancing out between her parents’ actions, versus that of her counselor—played an awesomely talented Viola Davis—what transpires is so out of everyone’s control, all that’s left to do is move along with the film’s story as wonder builds up with her situation, as well as those who surround her.

Clive Owen is Clive Owen, carrying his character’s objectives to the core of its demands, as is veteran Katherine Keener—playing Annie’s mother. On opposite ends, their approach towards their daughter’s rape and seeking justice stems from strings of consciousness of not only being parents, but supposed protectors, however, stakes are raised as not only regrets hit when not talking to their daughter more about her all-of-a-sudden chat relationship, but extremely frustrating when dealing with a well polished predator who’s so GOOD at what he does, it’s difficult trying to investigate Annie—who’s DEEPLY in love and protective of the same person who victimized her.

‘TRUST’ provides the vilest in domestic disturbances! Its got everything a GREAT film should have, and even if this piece doesn’t get a nod for next year’s Oscars, it WILL be picked up and acknowledged by other award-based events. Whether it is the script/story, direction or acting, ‘TRUST’ is one of 2011’s must see films. The ending (While credits roll) was one of the most disturbing scenes (among others), as much in the story serves as characters’ ironies considering the family’s misery!



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