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Movie Review: Bridesmaids

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 5 years ago

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Whether or not ‘BRIDESMAIDS’ stands out as the “female version” of ‘THE HANGOVER’ can be argued till we’re blue in the face (or nuts), however, considering all the heavy-hitting comedy from a female perspective which flows like a non-stop extreme menstruation cycle, you’re in for a shock! Considering some of the film’s sinking scenes, when the writing takes off, you’re in for quite a surprise. So much, I’m going on record by saying the trailer doesn’t do this film any justice, and I totally feel for a film that might wind up underrated, as time moves on, it’ll open the eyes of many when considering how in real life there are women out there who can measure up to guys with all sorts of jokes, and vile actions.

Produced by Judd Apatow, Directed by Paul Feig, Written and Starring Kristin Wiig, ‘BRIDESMAIDS’ isn’t a film that depicts women who don’t belong exclusively to one of the major estrogen-ridden roles pertaining to: Nutty bitches, uptight, psychos, or the annoying control freak ditz. These women are “broads” who not only
FIT the categories and manage to remain likeable and/or lovable, and relative to the way some are primarily portrayed in comedy films, that are practically three-dimensional. It’s also the movie that’s going to make Wiig one of the few female break-out film stars of “Saturday Night Live,” a nuttier, raunchier Tina Fey. She’s just making a comedy that happens to feature predominantly women. She’s sparking up a “beef” with dudes. For anyone who enjoyed ‘THE HANGOVER’ these are the women who were missing in the film to make it come full circle. Why? Well, what’s presented on one end is covered by ‘BRIDESMAIDS’ with hilarious women who can talk about their sensitivity in one scene and literally shit in a bathroom sink in the next.

Wigg stars as Annie, a disillusioned baker whose bake shop recently went out of business. She works in a jewelry shop and still has roommates she can’t fucking stand. She’s also single, but she’s in a “Fuck Buddy” situation with an ultimate asshole played by Jon Hamm, who fucks her and kicks her out of bed with no remorse. Nevertheless, while most of Annie’s life is in the shitter, she at least has a solid relationship with her lifelong best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph). However, that’s until Lillian’s boyfriend asks her to marry him and Lillian asks Annie to be her bridesmaid, a role not for a disorganized scatterbrain with financial problems. Having said that, enter Helen (A gorgeous Rose Byrne), Lillian’s rich-bitch soon-to-be Type A sister-in-law who immediately steps in and attempts to overtake Annie’s role as best friend. Without the monetary means to compete, Annie’s well-intentioned efforts to organize a bridesmaid lunch and, later, a bachelorette party, are hilariously disastrous: After a throw-down of food poisoning courtesy of cheap Brazilian food, for example, the bridesmaid dress fitting turns into a complete mess—literally!

Secondary to the main plot, Annie is also contending with her own love life. She gets involved with an almost too-good-to-be-true police officer played by Chris O’Dowd, after a traffic-stop. However, even that is threatened by her insecurity and neurosis. And for a nice change of pace, the relationship problems have nothing to do with commitment issues, misunderstandings, green cards, or other tricks and trinkets from the high-concept lovey dovey box of issues.

Wiig is fucking awesome in this flick. She’s not constricted by sketches, or one-dimensional supporting roles. Maya Rudolph is brilliant, funnier than ever she was on “SNL,” while Ellie Kemper and Wendi McLendon-Covey provide moments that would be stealing scenes in any other movie, if they weren’t surrounded by major characters that are equally fun. But the real highlight may be Melissa McCarthy, who portrays a fat friend with a serious amount of confidence—she’s not a strolling fat joke. Despite what the misleading trailer suggests, she’s not reduced to farts or burps. She’s awesome, carries a lot of the film, and somehow manages to raise high enough everyone else’s characters!

Truth is I don’t think enough can be said when describing ‘BRIDESMAIDS.’ It’s a completely successful female ensemble studio comedy which shines a different light. It was my kind of humor, and glad everyone involved felt comfort to display how equal men and women can be. I’m a huge fan of women being themselves, and Wiig has proven it to me based on her writing. She’s fearless! Flawless! And firm! (Nothing like a woman who’s not afraid to swear, burp, or fart, however, maintains her sensitivity.) Women don’t have to be only the romantic half or the rom-com equation—they can supply the humor, as well. And if ‘BRIDESMAIDS’ is any indication, they have the numbers to do it better!

It’s a hit despite some dragging scenes (an over-kill bridesmaid toast is the biggest example), but good enough to hang in with. I once again state these are the women that would complete ‘THE HANGOVER’ franchise.



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