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Movie Review: Saw 3d

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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Written 10/29/10

If it’s Halloween, it must be SAW” is a seasonal tagline that’s made this twisted franchise part of what it is, and to no surprise, another installment has landed in theaters. My favorite will always be the first (1st) due to its original approach in introducing movie communities around the world to a sadistic form of horror. One (1) which entailed getting even with those who have been pretty bad samaritans among life by preying on others, laughing it off without any remorse, yet not realizing how karma’s bitch can always come back and bite them violently in the ass! Man that film took me by storm and having researched its origins all through a major Hollywood production really turned me on, and I guess the film itself became somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me in many ways. Therefore, being a fan of the series, I was excited last year with SAW VI and saw it as the perfect opportunity to end the series. Sure, there were a few unanswered questions, but I didn’t think it was worth another film to provide answers. Obviously, the producers disagreed with me – who the fuck am I after all? – And not only went for a seventh (7th) installment, but also gave into the latest 3D phenomenon to cash in. Financially, the producers put themselves in a nice position. There will be tons of movie-goers paying to see SAW 3D, however, as far as credibility goes, the producers threw it out the window. SAW 3D is, without a doubt, the worst installment in the series! It’s bad… really bad… and I can’t stress that enough – not only does the film deliver a ridiculous plot, but it also fails visually, leaving movie-goers with empty wallets and a short-coming 3D experience.

VII… excuse me, I mean SAW 3D… tells the story of Bobby Dagen, a Jigsaw survivor who profits from his grisly experience by writing books and televising interviews. He also acts as a counselor to surviving Jigsaw victims, guiding them towards psychological recovery. Life seems good for Bobby, until he is forced into a horrific game where the goal is to save his wife before the timer hits zero – of course! Meanwhile, Detective Hoffman hunts down Jill Tuck, seeking revenge over the events of the last film.

There’s a lot going on in SAW 3D, and you honestly never get bored with it. There are eleven traps (the highest in franchise history) and the Hoffman and Jill story line is presented on the side. The problem, however, is that we’ve seen this all before. We’ve seen someone go through a series of tests against a timer, we’ve seen gruesome traps, and we’ve seen the now predictable twists – not only is the material in the film recycled, it’s poorly made. The plot is ludicrous, the acting is horrible, the traps lack creativity, and the 3D looks cheap and isn’t utilized at all (pretty disappointing considering it was shot with 3D cameras). Tobin Bell, whose character died in SAW
III, is in the film for an estimated five minutes, possibly even less. Carey Elwes, who played the infamous Dr. Gordon in the original SAW is back this time around, but also has very limited screen time. It’s a shame that a majority of the main characters are pushed to the side for Bobby Dagen’s game, which in essence, turns out to be a waste of time. The traps are amazingly boring, the shock value has completely disappeared, and you ultimately don’t feel for any of the characters in the film. All of these cons, along with the cheap 3D, make for a horrible film that shouldn’t even bear the “SAW” title.

It’s even difficult putting the blame on some of the film makers. Director Kevin Greutert was forced to return since LIONSGATE had a clause in his contract for another film. He was set to direct PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2, but was pulled into Toronto a week before the filming of SAW 3D. He attempted vigorous re-writing of the script, but it proved to be difficult since a majority of the sets were already built. Greutert tries his best to salvage the film, but it ultimately failed due to the production and incoherent story line. Producer Mark Burg and writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan should be ashamed for giving into 3D and crazy fan theories online – pretty much generated because there’s nothing better to do than complain and talk shit since they’re NOT getting laid!

Overall, the only positive thing about SAW 3D is that it’s finally over. It’s run its course, and while I expected the film to be poor, I didn’t expect it to come to this. After following the franchise for six (6) long years, I honestly feel raped after the final twist. The SAW franchise started with an interesting concept and ran with it, but it fell flat on its face at the finish line! I guess the joke was on us and perhaps that was the final trap… you know, lure us into the theaters and torture us with what I feel is the worst of worst in franchise which I’m sure will have a reboot in about another ten (10) to fifteen (15) years.

I’m out, bitches!



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