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Movie Review: Hereafter

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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Written 10/19/10

Okay, I’m truly sorry, but this film was a complete waste of two (2) hours. Having viewed the trailer once and enjoying films based on superhuman abilities which intertwine with life’s occurrences enticed me and seeing as it was directed by Hollywood Vet, Clint Eastwood, it had to be good, right? Wrong! This film’s way too long, awkward, 1/3 of it is in French - a language I don’t speak or at the very least understand – Yes, there were subtitles, but with bad eyes and quick cuts to keep presenting what everyone’s saying was so fucking annoying, I felt like cussing out the screen! Personally, this film’s so convoluted, there’s no way in hell I can see anyone else enjoying this. Well, I may have gone a bit too far as I’m sure there will be some who will, but, on my end, the thought of watching paint dry or that SCARFACE school-play is a lot more interesting, enjoyable and entertaining. Something within me says since Eastwood’s in his 80s and perhaps about to croak, a bucket-list item was exploring death at some point in his life and perhaps directing a film about it provided enough time to research it and present different questions about it. HEREAFTER tells three (3) parallel stories about three (3) people affected by death in different ways; Matt Damon plays American factory worker George, who is somehow able to communicate with the dead; Cecile de France plays French television journalist Marie, who survives a tsunami; and Frankie and George McLaren play Marcus and Jason, an English boy and his brother who is killed in a car accident. At the denouement, all three stories and characters converge. A pretty hot with dyed black-haired Bryce Dallas Howard and chunky Jay Mohr have supporting roles in this disaster of a film.

The only intense and powerful moment in this film is right at the beginning. WOW! Had it carried the same intensity and creatively paced out during its morbid run-time, it would have worked. Who knows, maybe it’s just me, but after the beginning, everything about this film is disappointing. Oh, yeah, there was some pretty good dialog between Matt Damon and Bryce Dallas Howard too, but blah! I really felt like walking out during the screening. I love Eastwood and Damon – who doesn’t? – And thought with a combo like that, for sure there’d be a hit, but no. I don’t know what the angle here was, but with a solid topic like death and in an era where much of it has been researched and to a certain degree explained, I really expected to be blown away with writing, directing, acting and pacing. I mean even the camera(s) used for this film were mediocre. The first thing I noticed is the bright glare of day scenes that make this film look like Seattle during a nuclear winter. The actors look older, colors are washed out and blue skies none-existent. Hollywood is making more money than ever but now using only video cameras that make the movies look like bad YouTube videos. Color films in the 1940's look so much richer and brilliant. Fuck – Check out GONE WITH THE
WIND or even THE HANGOVER and delight in the lush and brilliant blue skies and true color faces. Then watch this... ugh! Directors used to choose Metrocolor, Panavision and others and they transported us, looking better than real life. This new camera is pure dog shit. Easy to edit and requires little or no lighting so every director is copping out and using it because it is faster and cheaper but for me the change is horrible!! This film was ruined because of it and I guess safe to say even “Dirty Harry” has sold out!

I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think this will garner the crowd
GRAN TORINO, INVICTUS or MILLION DOLLAR BABY did! Among other films he’s directed these films had great writing, concept, pacing – it kept you focused and wondering what was next, however, HEREAFTER seemed like Clint was trying to figure out the movie on a daily basis and mashed it all up in a way that may have seemed clever, but the end result was a pretty dull NYU Thesis film which had a great concept, but way too long and with an armature touch!

I doubt Mr. Eastwood or Damon will come across this review, but if they do, I’m sorry guys; you need people like me to keep you on your toes. With that said, this is not your best work! I will pretend this disaster never happened. If I ever talk about it, it’ll be about its first 15 minutes – amazing! I actually thought we had a winner, but like the Obama administration, I still believe in you, however, you need to seriously redeem yourself.



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