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Movie Review: Jackass 3d

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 2 months ago

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Written 10/16/10

There’s absolutely no way in hell you can say nothing about “JACKASS” has made you laugh, or at the very least peaked your interest at some point out of curiosity and wondered what the fuss is all about. Who knew back-in-the-day a group of idiot White Boys would have the smarts to capitalize on stunts. It’s already been done to a certain extent – wrestling! But never to a level where taking bumps and bruises would be accompanied with some of the most vile and idiotic ways ever imagined by a human-being… that being said, well, ladies and gentlemen, it was tested, displayed and proven that even stupidity has a market. (TLC will experience that once “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” debuts.)_

I remember when my JACKASS cherry was popped! (Do you?) It was back in 2000 as I killed some time before calling car service to head over to an engagement dinner. It was mid evening and I was channel surfing… I came across MTV and caught a glimpse of a bunch of guys pushing shopping-carts with someone in them and ramming them into bushes, brick walls and then some. Okay, not something you see every day and as stupid as that may have seemed to me at the time, it was different! It was a bit “counter culture” considering what the FCC demands is “right” and at the same time, tapped into my silly-self and I found it interesting, appealing and funny. I was hooked! I let the show run its full half hour while I was waiting and said to myself “Holy shit! I think I found something I want to keep watching.” Hence my support and fanatic approach on this unique form of “art.” Moving along the years, I never missed an episode and when I found out a documented film had been approved for theatrical release, this is when I knew these “Idiotic White Boys” were here to stay!

Raising the bar with just about every film that’s been released, MTV’s unwanted or allowable stunts have worked out for JACKASS & Co. From Steve-O, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy and Wee-man… all through their ringleader – Johnny Knoxville, they found their golden-nugget, give MTV a shitty infested finger and decided to go their own way. Pushing buttons is something these guys enjoy doing and whether tapping into each others’ phobias, testing their testicular fortitude by stepping up to the plate with anything that may be painful and utilizing outsiders as victims for shits and giggles, the crew shows no remorse towards one another and for some apparent reason, the more vile the stunt, the better and harder the feeling and laughs – at least through my part.

JACKASS 3D pulls no punches! Anything you saw in the first three – yes, three, remember JACKASS 2.5? – can be set aside. With a smooth intro by BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD, the roller-coaster of painful pranks begins. With hot soup spilling all over due to a “High-Five,” punt-kicks to the chin, Super-gluing body parts, Electrified “escape roots” and “incestuous grandfathers,” the crew relentlessly go nuts and adding insult to injury – 3D, my friends. Having been directed once again by Jeff Tremaine, the connection between their stunts and his vision of how he’d expect or want to see it works well. Jeff has a knack to place cameras where one would never ever imagine, and lays a visual experience that not only enhances what it would be like if you were a certain body part’s eyes, but also angles it so that humor can be taken to another level. Whether on regular speed or slow motion, shot after shot exposes every single thing they want you to see. In the end, this film is only for a true JACKASS fan or someone open-minded enough who’s looking for something different and could care less if it involves dicks, shit, pain and gay-play. Generally speaking, you can look down on this if you want, but in the end, the JACKASS crew have done it their way and profited in every way, shape or form while you’re stuck at your 9 – 5 job behind a desk and taking crap from a boss whose breath smells like something crawled into his/her mouth, shat, died and now rotting!

Kudos to the all the JACKASSES!



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