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Movie Review: Douchebag

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 5 years and 2 months ago

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Written 9/28/10

Director Drake Doremus was in the middle of editing his first feature - SPOONER (2009) - when an idea arose while having his balls busted by his own editor (Andrew Dickler). The man’s unique personality stood on its own and it was then when Drake started to map out a paring idea. That being how awkward would it be to team his editor (Andrew) with a long time friend/actor (Ben York Jones) as brothers with severe issues. The idea became stronger throughout time, leading Drake to approach the same producers (Jonathan Schwartz / Marius Markevicius) he’d work along side during SPOONER, and although the idea may have seemed a bit sketchy, it grew, it was approved, sought upon and DOUCHEBAG started principal photography. DOUCHEBAG follows Sam (Andrew Dickler) days away from tying the knot with Steph (Marguerite Moreau), a gorgeous girl who has fallen head-over-heals for him. It’s all going according to plan, but Steph simply doesn’t understand why Sam’s only sibling, Tom (Ben York Jones) isn’t coming to the wedding. She then takes matters into her own hands to surprise Sam by picking up Tom and bringing him over to attend the event. The awkwardness between estranged brothers arises as they find themselves coexisting under the same roof for the first time in a long while. Unprepared to cope with whatever it was that drove them apart in the first place builds an even bigger overwhelming feeling. Seeing as Tom doesn’t have a date for the wedding, Sam decides they should hit the road in order to find Tom’s former love. The issue is, he hasn’t seen or heard from her since the fifth grade. What transpires is a road trip that starts off as Tom’s search for his old girl, but winds up as Sam’s search for a last taste of “freedom” before he settles as a whole.

Cutting to the chase – I really enjoyed it! It’s a breath of fresh air and I’m sure I’m not the only one who will define it as a modern version of THE ODD COUPLE. I found it to be a pretty good display of human-nature when opposite ends forcefully unite. I hear about true life stories regarding brothers/sisters experiencing situations which lead to strange relationships, however, see themselves through it at any cost. What that is remains on them, but DOUCHEBAG does a great job displaying it its own way. On the flip side, it also portrays the typical opportunist jumping on and riding the wave of [chance] and actually realizing s/he’s not really up for what they originally had planned and discovering who they really are in the process – ANDREW. The film is quirky, funny has lots of witty dialog, and for a film that’s only an hour and fifteen minutes, it really covered a lot swiftly. It doesn't lag due to timing, however, there are moments where I wished the relationship between the brothers would have been tested in other ways, rather than a couple of the approaches. It’s a personal feeling, but whatever. I also could have done less with close-ups of Andrew’s beard – which I found repulsive – and food smearing on it. It was vile to certain degree, but the film’s a comedy and I guess it served its purpose. Overall, it is a film full of dark joy, laughs and comedic metaphor regarding tarnished relationships having a second chance.



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