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Movie Review: Easy A

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 3 months ago

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Written 9/15/10

Guys, you have no idea how many times I’ve started, scratched and restarted this review. It’s sad because I normally have itchy fingers after watching a film, however, something’s wrong if that didn’t happen with EASY A. I enjoyed the film, however, I felt like I’ve seen this before. And because of that cringing feeling, it’s kind of a bummer. Teen-based comedies – especially bullshit stories where the HOT girl happens to be the sad one – have never really been my cup of tea. They generate a following, make money and wind up kicking ass once on NETFLIX or Best Buy DVD racks, but wow – truth is nothing about this film will lead me to rave (or even rant) about it. The film’s entertaining and caused a few chuckles here and there, but that was it. Other than the mentioned saving grace, much to my enjoyment also led to Emma Stone, who really owned her character (Olive) and Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson who play the sarcastically ruthless, yet realistic non-judgmental supporting parents in a comical way. Everything else was simply mediocre – especially a pretty cute, yet overrated Lisa Kudrow – and a typical cliched screenplay. I’m not trying to ruin it for anyone as I’ve mentioned on several occasions to approach my reviews as entertainment material only, but I’m only expressing how simple I felt once leaving this screening.

The story tracks Olive (Stone) as easily the coolest girl at East Ojai High School, even though she's “unpopular” enough that nobody acknowledges her existence. She's got an awesome and open sense of humor and can be considered a fashionista, a solid relationship with her equally awesome, open and hilarious parents (Clarkson and Tucci), and is generous enough to do a major favor for a gay friend constantly beat up by school bullies. Olive agrees to pretend to have banged him to boost his reputation, and once news spreads to other geeks, freaks and misfits at her school, Olive develops her own naughty reputation as a grade-A hoe. In a plot not entirely convincing, the formerly happy wallflower Olive takes her slutty status as a badge of honor, torturing Jesus freaks at school and “earning” gift cards in exchange for her imaginary flings with desperate guys. Realistically speaking, as smart as Olive is and realizing her popularity wave may shatter at any moment, the unveiling of her true self leads to positives and negatives.

EASY A doesn't provide many quotable lines as CLUELESS, and simply misses out on the witty comedic pacing provided in MEAN GIRLS, but I guess pleasantly stands next to those two teen girl classics, and delivers a cinematic shot of current technology-fueled speed of the rumor mill, when something tweeted or text’d is automatically “true,” even without a shred of evidence. Think how FOX News ran with Sherry Sherrod’s heavily edited “racist remarks” without having viewed her speech in its entirety. Oh, well, EASY A opens at the right time considering school has recently started and sure many teens – male or female – can relate to the story. Shit I recall once when I made up lie after lie in order to fit in to develop some kind of popularity. I won’t get into it, but it was quite an unpleasant experience. In the end, it was also great to see Stone carry a film. Although I loved her supporting work in ZOMBIELAND and SUPERBAD, watching her as lead built a different perspective within me on her. Considering EASY A is somewhat of a flat-line, she owned it.



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