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Movie Review: Takers

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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Written 8/27/10

If the appeal here was to try to match up to HEAT, they failed miserably – just sayin!

Seriously, I really didn't expect this movie to impress me, and it really didn't. TAKERS tries to be cool by bringing a few music stars (That being T.I. and Chris “Woman Beater” Brown) into the mix. Both of them aren't that good of actors – films aren’t videos – and the producers/director should've spent a little more time thinking about hiring better actors for the job. For starters, I think Paul Walker is one of Hollywood’s most overrated actors. The only reason he gets to act is because of Vin Diesel and his roles in the Fast & Furious series. Directors think by putting him into films will bring more people in. (Laughing) For Hayden Christiansen (Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars), his acting has improved (but not by much). On the contrary, I very much enjoy Idris Elba; Matt Dillon can dig Jay Hernandez, however, my girl Zoe Saldana… DAMN, she did the best job – dare I say beating out her male co-stars. I've always admired her as an actress. That woman carries this aura on screen that’s so unexplainable, her [it factor] screams “FUCK J-LO!” Zoe never ceases to amaze me!

Direction in this film is pretty weak and strange. Many of the scenes jump from one place to another and most of the talent seemed to be in a rush to wrap up and collect their checks, however, that destruction pertains to the director. The way it pans out it also seemed at times he probably wanted to rush through the movie so he too could get his fair share of the gold. It felt as if he didn't motivate the actors like a director should. However, there’s good and bad in everything, right? Therefore, it wasn’t ALL shitty because when it came to action sequences, he had it planned out pretty well. I guess all the rushing defined where his heart truly was and it was with all the bling-bang that was going on – well orchestrated.

The concept of this story is pretty familiar (HEAT) which can be inspiring, however, nothing turns me off more than the feeling of having seen the film before. To be honest it left a familiar feeling from a film I viewed earlier this year (BROOKLYN’S FINEST), but I don’t even want start up on that one again. TAKERS is about a group of professional bank robbers that pull off the most impressive heists without ever being caught. They're so good at it; the police are embarrassed more than ever. “Ghost” (T.I.) tries to get his gang of criminals to rob one more bank for another shot at glory, but what they don't know is that a loyal Detective, (Matt Dillon) wants to bring these criminals down once and for all, and takes drastic measures to accomplish his goal.

I can see this film generating money as moviegoers nowadays pretty much pertain to specific demographics and it’s smart to target that. A film ridden with rappers and Hollywood hunks lures in just about most of what modern day audiences are. Sitting next to that would be all the gun-play and gangster jargon which never fails to lose its followers as well as all the sexual implications. Jam all that up into a ball and the general feeling will be not giving a shit about a script, original content or story-telling. Than again, who cares about that, right? For the most part audiences leave their brains at the ticket-booth and thrive on sitting there while indulging on pop-corn or M&M’s, a large soft-drink and morph into zombies.

It’s crazy!

If asked about TAKERS, my best reply will be “It could've been ok or good, instead it turned out to be the edge of mediocrity.”



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