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Movie Review: Clash Of The Titans

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 2 months ago

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Written 4/2/11

In Clash of the Titans, the immortals on Mount Olympus threaten to dispatch a gargantuan creature known as a Kraken when mortal soldiers declare war on them. Humans quake in their sandals at the thought of encountering such a beast. But when the rampaging fiend finally appears, it's a huge disappointment -- much like the rest of the film. This wannabe epic is overwrought and frenetic but not even sporadically exciting. Its most astounding achievement is the ability to be both chaotic and dull… Because the action sequences are so frantic, special effects every-once-a-while look muddled. Despite state-of-the-art CGI, the film is no improvement over the 1981 original, with its memorable stop-motion effects by Ray Harryhausen. (Ghetto compared to what’s out now, but the art is priceless.) Those who endure this remake will be bombarded by references to the dreaded Kraken. "The Kraken is the end of us," one mortal moans. "You were born to kill the Kraken," proclaims Io (Gemma Arterton), a hot guardian angel to heroic Perseus (Sam Worthington). "Release the Kraken," Zeus (Liam Neeason) orders. And, in case we missed it, a ragged man shrieks, "The Kraken comes now!"

Boy these people really have a hard-on for this Kraken... which is pretty much Greek Mythology’s version of a nuke.

The story of Perseus, the son of Zeus and a human mother, is a well-worn tale. He undertakes a quest to stop Hades (Ralph Fiennes), God of The Underworld, from overtaking the city of Argos. He must battle the venomous Medusa and the fearsome Kraken and save another hottie named Princess Andromeda (Alexa Davalos). Along the way, he rides on a winged Pegasus… AAAAnd it’s done! Yup! Just like that… poof! It’s done!

It’s difficult to watch a movie with actors I enjoy and respect and have a totally different outlook towards the film. Although there were many disappointments with this film, there were aspects of it that I enjoyed. For one, I think some of the CGI was pretty good… especially when it came to the fighting scenes with relentless huge scorpions, the black smoke screens created by Hades were pretty cool… and we cannot leave out Medusa -- with all due respect – who was one bad bitch! Man the way she slithered and took charge during one of the scenes was simply remarkable. That would have to be the plus side to the film… the acting was okay also… there really wasn’t anything powerful in the sense of characters because their strengths were pretty much displayed based on their powers and effects, rather than emotional substance to carry scenes with a high demand of acting. The cast did what they had to do, and that was it.

The downside of this was that although they reference Poseidon (Danny Huston) who was just in the beginning of the film and, reference his ruling over the seas… disappears… yeah, as quick as we see him, he just vanishes and never seen again.

Aside from that… the rushing… this film was rushed way too much, it didn’t have any character build-up. I understand doing what needs to be done in order to get the crowd hooked, but damn… what’s the deal?

Some of the language is also way too contemporary… much of the language has its tone and style… but certain words personally I felt didn’t really fit the times. The original had a better sense of language and inflections.

What else… Oh, The men who follow Perseus... what is up with the "Star Wars/desert dwelling character?" He tried to blow up Medusa... (LOL) how is that gonna get the head to the Kraken?

Bo-beau was in it for like 2.5 seconds.

Where is the 2 headed dog that protects Medusa's temple? They could have replaced it with a hydra, at least.

I can go on and on and if you’ve seen the original, you’ll realize a few other things here and there… Overall, its okay… but I really don’t think it's something to flip out for… most of the film’s meat and potatoes can be seen in the trailer.

Again, it sucks because I enjoyed the cast, but enjoying the cast doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy the film and this was just another example as to why originals shouldn’t be touched. If anything... re-release them… much like they've done with a few others in the past… but, whatever, what’s done, is done and now it’s up to you.



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