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Movie Review: Why Did I Get Married Too?

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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Written 4/2/10

Tyler Perry KNOWS his craft and has always been one of my favorite story tellers! (Great interview with Larry King a couple of weeks ago by the way) Anyway, lets get rolling! If you like his films, you should see this movie. It is worth the ride, very, very enjoyable, and (as all of his other films) this film has you question yourself... and feel better that you are not as crazy and/or evil as Shelia!

The truth of the matter is that I have mixed feelings about this film. Am I glad I saw it? Yes! This is one movie I wouldn't mind seeing again (if only to watch Shelia!). Did I expect something different? Yes and no. Did I enjoy the movie? Yes, I'd have to say that I did.

I can't agree with my darling friend (you know who you are) that the story isn't as good as the first. The truth is that it is just a different type of movie. The first movie examined how individuals dealt with the problems in their marriages; the good, the bad and the ugly. And in the first movie, they all had better relationships and a greater understanding of each other as people. Now, the second movie addresses what happens when a relationship breaks down (literally) and how we as human-beings learn to cope with the change, hardships, and difficulties. SEE, not bad, but different!

Now specifically about the movie (You might want to stop reading here, but I doubt I’ll tell you anything more than the trailers did)

I believe Tyler Perry did a good job directing this film. We were able to laugh and cry – Well, some in the audience, not me! -- with the characters (as in the first movie) and embrace all the joys and sorrows of relationships. I feel the mark of a good film is when you forget you are watching it, and you get drawn into the story. And let me assure you that this WILL happen!

I will admit that this film had a lot packed into it, but it gives you a fresh look on how these characters have changed... or not changed, over the three years since the first film. It is a very emotional ride at times, but it all pays off when Shelia embarrasses Marcus, or when Troy stands up for his wife. BOOYA!

The location for the reunion was absolutely beautiful, and we get to see the conversations between the men and the women (in individual groups) and then see how the stories match up as the film continues beyond the weekend get-a-way. There really is no need to describe the story any further because each person will experience it differently. Personally, I thought the movie began a bit slowly, however when I got to the end, I was happy for the slow parts... they sorta gave me time to catch up.

I’m not married, or have a girlfriend and shit, I’m not even seeing anyone, but a lot of these films/or plays help display realities within ALL relationships… not just ours. In the end it’s all about how much we really want it to work… if that fails, then we’re fucked because it leads to Tiger Woods or Jessie James. HA!



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