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Movie Review: She's Out Of My League

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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Written 3/12/10

I don’t think there’s anything to say about this film other than ‘it’s not THAT bad.’ It’s your typical sweet-spirited RomCom that caters to a specific audience. It’s not geared towards the lovey-dovey stuff we pretty much tend to see with others (Valentine’s Day), but it does give off somewhat of an impression that It was crafted by a bit of an edgier/funnier RomCom say like Knocked Up, mixed with something along the lines of 50 First Dates, where the typical loser guy and hot girlfriend cliche is based on. The piece does deliver a couple of “wussy-love-struck” scenes, but it’s the unleashing of raunch that delivers the laughs.

A geek known as Kirk is so skinny he doesn't even fill out his TSA airport security uniform. He drives a beaten Neon, pretty much has NO ambition and apologizes to ANYONE at the drop of a dime - even if it was somebody else's dime. Women walk all over him. (Just like me!) "You're a moodle," his boy Stainer complains, "a man poodle." And Molly, the blonde (of course she’s blonde, couldn’t be Latina, right?!!?) who has a law degree but who would rather be a high-end, highly paid event planner? "She's a hard 10," Stainer notes. "A HARD 10."

What the fuck could she see in him? (Only in a movie!)

Jay Baruchel plays Kirk, who is just witty enough that we can almost believe that the stunning Molly (Alice Eve) would give him the time of day after she leaves her phone at airport security and he casually delivers it to her at a swanky party.

Baruchel (Knocked Up, Fanboys, Tropic Thunder) plays put-upon well, never better than in the scenes in which he all but begs his thoughtless-and-faintly-cute ex-girlfriend (Lindsay Sloane) to take him back. He has lots of chances to grovel, since she also works at the airport and she's in the habit of bringing her new hombre to his house. Why she does this? Well, she has adopted Kirk's parents. But, Molly ends that groveling in one bombshell heartbeat. The only problem? No one - not his friends, not hers, not his parents or hers - can believe it.

"You being with Molly defies the laws of nature," Stainer (T.J. Miller) emphasizes, but the half-cute couple pushes on, though one and all stare at them in stupefied wonder.

Unknown director Jim Field Smith doesn't get maximum laughs out of the There's Something About Mary bodily fluids moment here, but he uses Pittsburgh well, letting the lad nicknamed "Pirate" take Ms. Out of His League to the city's attractions. Baruchel is winning, in a whiney way. And Eve makes Molly more than a "hard ten," but a woman with issues and depth.

No, we still don't believe them as a couple. No, there aren't many surprises here. But She's Out of My League demonstrates that the Judd Apatow blend of sweet and crude can be photocopied, modified to create a certain layout and produced. I mentioned earlier and will state again… the only strength or substance within this film leands towards raunch jokes and the openness between male friends bonding without expressive limits. Oh and that girl with the “plane doctor” comment is not funny at all. Nothing about her or that stupid ditzy coment has any kind of humor. Perfect example of someone that SHOULD be involved in a plane-crash… however; everyone else survives, except her!

Overall, not the best pick for the weekend, but something that delivers some kind of fun if you’re looking for a goof.



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