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Movie Review: Edge Of Darkness

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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Written 1/29/10

Aside from having that strange feeling I’ve seen the movie poster before - Scarface - I feel like I’ve seen this film before as well. Why? That’s because I have. You know the typical daddy’s a detective who happens to be single, yet shares a special relationship with his daughter. The daughter always winds up luring herself into some kind of trouble which obviously follows with consequences that leads to her only hero (daddy) leading an investigation, only he does it his way and finds himself caught in a web of corruption and scandals regarding some kind of shady business involving very dangerous men… in some cases the government (Edge of Darkness), pieces everything together and avenges his baby-girl’s hardship(s).

Well, yeah, that’s what this is. Although resembling last year’s Taken (which was much better), there are some twists for purposes of intrigue and shock, yet wound up being nothing more than a medium-well remake. I tell you, Mel’s lucky Liam doesn’t hunt him down for trying to steal the hero within and bust him up the way he did everyone in Taken..
It was an interesting angle to rehash, but seemed to lack depth of any sorts. Almost nothing is totally explained (giving the impression of going through the motions) and leaped a lot. The story becomes disjointed in several key areas. The film does hint at the back stories of some of the characters, then just forgets about them. It’s like POOF – there you go and wonder kicks in about certain people. If you see the film, you’ll see what I’m talking about. The first 45 minutes of the film is pretty slow and basically it is what you expect it to be, and I wish it could have been more.

The ending was pretty unexpected and I had no problem with it as I always love a surprise, but really didn’t leave any possible conclusions… one’s pretty much able to understand where the writer went because there is some explanation, but it leaves conclusion open. I know I had a few questions regarding the rest of the story… but who gives a shit?!!? It’s a movie and it’s only supposed to serve minimal purpose… and that’s to entertain.

Speaking of entertaining, it was okay when it came to the fight scenes. It does become a bit TOO MUCH when you have a man like Mel – who’s in his mid to late 50s (I would guess) – beating up on guys who are half his age and without a doubt in much better physical condition. However; I guess in moments where a loved one’s lost – especially a daughter or son – all thoughts of age or physical attributes really wouldn’t come into question. It’s a focus only that particular person would understand and know. IN this case… come on, it’s Mel “The Fuhrer” Gibson and he hasn’t been seen in a while and it was so clear this film was designed to fit his style from the past which we all remember, right? Remember Mel in Mad Max or the Lethal Weapons? That bad-ass with strong screen presence and aura mixed with a little of that nutty man that built his own church, which keeps his faith in line while having lines (which I’m sure he wrote in) that pay homage to The Bible. All and all…. it’s a film to shelter his characteristics and ego as well as his adoring fans. His fans because they “need to be aware” that he can still keep up with others like Gerard Butler for example. I use Butler because it seems like he’s the only one getting all the cool roles these days. However; you get my drift on Mel.

There is a funny fight scene where the Jew hater instructs a guilty culprit to follow through with demands... leading to a pretty funny beat-down in demand of obtaining answers about his daughter’s situation.

Aside from all the fighting… one thing I also noticed was all the gun-toting. LOL – man, it was crazy. It seemed like everyone in Massachusetts (location) has a gun. From his daughter, to the bad guys, to co-workers, to boy-friends all through Mel himself of course… I can only imagine how locals would feel if everywhere they went there was nothing but gun play and brandishing. It was so desensitizing… after a while I started padding myself to make sure I had a gun in-case the ass-clown sitting next me tried some shit. And there it was… packed tightly, locked, clocked, and ready to turn his brains into a Rorschach-like display!
Whether this film will create enough buzz to make it the project that will launch Gibson’s return as an actor remains to be seen.

I think taking away the fantasy fights, slipping of the Baa’ston accent and some dragging, it was okay. Its catering was limited to anyone in search of a good movie and I think unless you’re a Gibson fan or someone just looking to kill some time… it won’t do much. Do I recommend it? No! Would it entertain? I think so. It’s got some substance. I think what also elevates these entertaining scenes which pretty much entail fights and car chases and shooting… is the cinematography. Between the action scenes and some pretty good location shots of Boston was quite pleasing to the optic-nerve. It just sucks that it was a cheap rip-off of Taken.

I’m sorry people, it’s the truth, and I will not sugar-coat it.



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