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Movie Review: The Fourth Kind

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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Written 11/14/09

Okay, well… errr… ummm… I really don’t feel like reviewing this film, however, feel I need to, but this one will be a bit different. It’ll be more of a break-down than a review. So here we go… I walked out with a head-ache and truth is this film is just another Paranormal Activity-like kind of experience. It’s about a town somewhere in TimbuktuAlaska where alien abductions are the cause of a few disappearances. With much doubt and investigation authorities look into the situation with no concrete proof and start suspecting all the odd occurrences on a doctor who seems to be acting a bit sketchy due to MOST of those people having been her former patients… this film drags like Neanderthal knuckles and supposedly based on true events back in 2000. Ha! Bullshit on a chef salad

I am going to spoil it, so if you care to read on, by all means, if not stop because this is so bad, you don't want to waste your money to be completely ambushed by this nonsense.

In sum, this movie is a total hoax. Nothing about this movie is real, but they go masquerading throughout the movie as though it is.

This is completely unethical, and the movie was manufactured purely to make money. I have no problem with entertainment executives wanting to make money, but lying about it should be against the law.

There was a radio broadcast in
Britain in the 50s based on HG Wells' War of the Worlds faking an alien invasion. I can see some charm in that, especially since it was done live rather than in movie format.

Let's go over several claims:

Nome is a rugged mountain town with lush forests where everyone has log cabins, fireplaces, and trendy, modern home furnishings.

2. There is a psychiatrist... not one but two operating in this town documenting strange disappearances thought to be alien abductions.

3. There is a vast resource of archived footage both on audio and video that documents the alien abductions and is interlaced with the film.

4. There is a bumbling sheriff in town whose skepticism and close-mindedness are pervasive in everything he does and says things like "Leave the good people of
Nome out of your hypnosis lab rat experiments."


This movie is obviously trying to capitalize on the craze for reality TV, youtube, and low budget films like the recent Paranormal Activity. People love this stuff when it might be real or mimics reality. Thus, at best this movie can claim to be a big
Hollywood adaptation of reality entertainment. Fine. Even forgiving nothing in this movie is true, if we were to base a review solely on the merit of the ability to MIMIC reality, it still fails. It's not even believable as a fake!

Here are the facts:

1. The movie producers created fake websites with fake information to build up hype for the film. Now those sites have been taken down.

NomeAlaska has 3500 people. The movie depicts a town with over 20,000 easy, but more like 40,000 or more. It's a small town.

3. Small towns don't even have psychiatrists or PhD counselors. There are not enough people there to support them. The movie claims there to be 2 and it would be a miracle if even one could survive there financially -- let alone have the thriving practice with modern furnishings depicted in the film. Not to mention the fact that I've lived in a small town of about that size. Everyone knows everybody. There are interviews with people from the town available online. They know of no such doctor residing in the town. I guarantee if you caught a plane and went up there yourself and poked around, the alien abduction nonsense would be totally without any basis whatsoever. Consider also that places like
Roswell capitalize on UFOs for tourism. They'd do it to and not deny it if it were true for the economic boom!!!

4. The whole movie centers on a town depicted as being surrounded by mountains and with lush forests and a little harbor. The scenery is idyllic, and based on the movie, I'd not mind living there myself. No. Go to wikipedia. The town is on flat tundra with no trees on the coast. It's a barren wasteland. This is the greatest strike against the movie. The picture shows clusters of houses all together. The movie depicts a bunch of isolated loners living in isolated cabins. HOW do you get alien abductions when there are no trees and no isolation? There would be tons of witnesses. This fact just makes the whole concept of the movie laughable. There's not even any doubt that their hoax could be true.

5. The acting in the "
REAL" archived footage is pathetic. The actress playing the supposed real doctor Abigail Tyler does a poor job. Not to mention that they badly put some kind of white makeup on her to make her look hideous. They try so hard to make it look real that it looks fake. I didn't even find myself slipping into the delusion that the archived footage was real. On the websites for the actors in the film, they should be honest and list this actress's name.

6. My last and final gripe has to do with the decor in the houses of the normal people supposedly being documented. One of the abductees is shown in his bedroom undergoing hypnosis. The bedroom looked like a
New York interior designer furnished the place with an unlimited budget. It in no way looked like a real Nome citizen's home, and I have to ask just what all these people are doing in this small town to be so well off!!!

7. It makes a huge deal about an owl hovering near the abductions. I checked the range of owls in
Alaska. There are no species of owl in Nome!

I wouldn't be so hopping mad had this film not continually beat you over the head with its attempts to make you believe. It casts a sheriff as the constant voice of reason intervening and casting doubt. The sheriff is so overacted and such a cliché poor caricature of a character I've seen a thousand times before in other movies. (The opposing force of skepticism for supernatural events that often times is downright irrational about not accepting evidence that ANYONE in their right mind would accept.) At the beginning and end of the movie Mila Jovovich gives us a message about how we can take it or leave it as to whether or not it really happened or how we interpret things. And they concoct epilogue stories for each of the characters to say what they're up to now to make it seem real.

The whole thing is a hoax and I want my money back. They should be sued for false advertising.

Finally, note that they hint at some kind of conspiracy where Aliens are supposedly the seeders of life on Earth and that they're coming back to do tests on us as if they were our Gods. Just tapping into the collective unconscious and preying upon fear, stirring up ****.

If there was a grade lower than F for this movie, I'd give it.

Tagline for the movie on IMDB: "Fact-based thriller involving an ongoing unsolved mystery in Alaska, where one town has seen an extraordinary number of unexplained disappearances during the past 40 years and there are accusations of a federal cover up."

All bull.

There are unsolved mysteries, but it's more likely to be drunken people wandering around in the snow than anything else other than Sarah Palin having been elected Governor.



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