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Movie Review: Oh My God

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 3 months ago

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Written 11/16/09

As religion and its effects on the world continue to dominate the headlines, this documentary examines worldwide perceptions of God and features participation from celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Ringo Starr, David Copperfield, and Seal among others. Over three years, filmmaker Peter Rodgers traveled across 23 countries asking the simple question, "What is God?," to see what this entity that goes by the name of God means to individuals -- from children; to religious leaders; to celebrities; to fanatics and to the common man. The results of this journey are sometimes predictable, and sometimes surprising.

The Omega, The Lord, God, The Almighty and so on… many ways for one to label a being or source of energy that captivates mankind’s minds, bodies and souls. Some to levels of extremes all the say down the totem poll where pretty much others feel it’s just a façade and substance of control, money and severe manipulation. No matter how we see it, the fact is there are so many distorted approaches and mind-sets among this force that it does leave us as sitting ducks when it comes to faith. No matter how secure we may feel, an open mind must be kept and we all need to realize that a lot of our actions and thoughts regarding righteousness come from what was instilled in us and our parents and grand-parents and so forth. A molding if you may… the divine of such power has also led man to create its divided paths and do what it can to lure a flock towards a club of what may seem the chosen ones for heaven as others just “burn in hell.” Pretty scary and confusing, right…? Well I think this film can lay a lot to rest and better comprehend how others approach their beliefs and live life. Oh My God? Is a film with so much regarding a delicate subject, yet creatively and constructively done as it not only takes everyone on a global journey with some of the most amazing scenery, but also educates in the most unique and subtle way ever. Granted that’s what documentaries are all about… but it doesn’t always feel as detailed and comforting as this one does. Perhaps it’s how filmmaker Peter Rodger embraces cultures and sooths his way in or perhaps it’s a matter of everyone wanting some say over what God means to them, but there’s no doubt left behind how clear it turns out and presents views from all angles that might appease some and scare others, but one thing for sure is that in the end, everyone does agree that we must listen and care for one another as such beings in the likes of Jesus or Buddha or Mohammed (if in fact existed) were all about evolving thoughts, feelings, emotions and love in the name of humans living life for the greater good and at peace.

In the end no one really knows the truth as we pretty much live up to the way we feel is right. It’s fair to say that it’s totally okay because as individuals its our duty to be ourselves, but also know that just because someone doesn’t believe the same way you do or prays the same way you do doesn’t mean they’re against you or out to demoralize you. These acts may be expected from the hard-core who thrive on imposing their way of life, but know that they’re in the minority and as we evolve and future generations start to shed their ideas and actions… little by little progress will prevail.

Some of the most interesting interviews in Oh My God? Happen to be given by children or teens that co-exist in some of the most extreme and roughest religious areas of the world. It took me by storm to hear and see how for example Christian, Muslim and Hindu children enjoy each other in certain areas of India or how Buddhist children in Tibet enjoy and respect life and letting others live theirs… so much is compiled in this picture it’s very touching and enhances the mind at keeping hope alive for the human race… aside form this is also how everyone defined God… it was interesting to hear now even though we constantly hear (at least in America) most refer to God as “he”… there are those out there who really don’t have that mind-set of “he” as truth be told no one really knows… mentions of she was brought up or an animal or space between humans or the heart or even the sense of an amazing shot of the Himalayas can also be defined as God. In all it’s pretty much what we choose God to be. Shit it was even funny to hear some say God is money… and I’m sure there are LOTS-O-FOLKS that think that way… overall, it’s pretty amazing how far the human mind can go.

At the moment I guess we’ll just manage with what we have, but if more films like this one were to be promoted a lot more during the evening news or daily papers, it would get to the eyes of many and for sure humility would set upon us once again little by little.

Two thumbs up on this one… and funny I say that because I’m not the least bit religious or could even care less about it, but if it helps others take some sort of charge and feel order in their lives… and they live it peacefully… whatever… I’m okay with it.



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