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Movie Review: Saw V

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 3 months ago

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Winner Oct. 23, 2009

Well I guess I can say it’s finally “over.” This was the missing piece to the series’ puzzle of comprehension and links between all six films. With that said… Ah, Jigsaw, Jigsaw, Jigsaw… How much longer are you going to keep this up? Six movies in half a decade and yet you have another one coming out next year. Didn't you die 3 movies ago? As much as I do like this series its run is beginning to dry up on me. The SAW series is this generation’s FRIDAY THE 13TH. All we want to see from these movies are the sick, twisted mousetraps set up by Jigsaw (T. Bell), or in this case Hoffman (C. Mandylor). I enjoy watching these traps go into play because you can truly get the sense that they are running out of ways to torture these people. Or are they…? Saw VI is without a doubt the most gruesome of them all. They really raised the bar with this one in terms of the amount of violence shown on the screen. I'm amazed the MPAA didn't give this film an NC-17 rating, because the traps (along with the cinematography) really bring out the gore. The film received in 'X' rating in Spain though, so I'll let you imagine how violent this one is.

After SAW V, I didn't expect anything from the latest installment but I knew (judging from the trailers) that it had to be a bit better than that bore-fest. But does it have anything new to deliver or is it just another pointless sequel. Well, I am sure that many of you are going to say so but to my surprise, I was entertained throughout the film. Now, when I say that I like the movie, I am by no means saying that it is good, because it’s not. This is mostly like SAW IV where it's a guilty pleasure but it wasn't as fun as SAW IV or as cryptic as the first one.

The movie opens like all the other sequels have. We open with a trap and watch one or two people try to make it through the game Jigsaw has set up for them. Unlike the weak and boring opening in SAW V, this one is really disturbing and difficult to watch. It's like the foot scene at the end of the first SAW except they show more gore than that one and cut a lot more than just a foot. The sequence is entirely pointless to the movie itself, but it serves its purpose in giving the fans what they want and establishing how crazy disgusting the movie is going to be. As a matter of fact,

After the sequence, the scaled plot begins. We meet one of the heads of an insurance company, who is the most interesting person in the film. He is kidnapped later on in the film and tested by jigsaw. The best scenes in the movie are when we follow this character. In the other sequels, I never felt that the characters really learned anything from Jigsaw after living in the end. Here, as we see this guy goes through all these traps I really felt like he understood why he was there. And man does Jigsaw really test him, giving him some of the most difficult choices to make than any other character in the series. I actually felt some sympathy for him. All he has been doing is turning down people’s insurance and letting them die. Here, he is forced to decide who lives and dies. I really liked the idea of how he is forced to see the choices he makes every day in a more intense and gruesome manner.

(What I found interesting about this point of focus was Jigsaw’s uprising among the strong. It surely paid homage to today’s healthcare issues. I WOULD LOVE to get into it, but that’s off on another level. All in all… it summarizes how healthcare in America is indeed pretty much a privilege.)

Anyway, let’s keep going… But despite those scenes being interesting, the bits with Hoffman are boring. Not the same way as SAW V, but it's just so obvious what's going to happen to him. When we see Jigsaws wife hiding envelope 6 from Hoffman, everyone in the theater knew what was going to happen. Although there were some cool moments with Hoffman, I wanted to go back to the traps because the insurance guy was an interesting character to follow. But we all know that no one is interested in the story. For most people that watch these movies, it all boils down to how gory and disgusting it is. Well, the mother of all gory and disgusting moments in the whole series happens at the end of this one and oh man was it a fucked up sight to see. I'm not going to spoil it; you're just going to have to see it for yourself.

SAW VI knows exactly what it's supposed to be and it knows what its audience wants. I was surprised to get more than what I expected from it. It's the 3rd best in the series for me. I really don't want to see a SAW
VII especially because I was more than satisfied with the end of this one and the fact that they're going to make it in 3-D with the director of the fifth one just makes it sound worse. Even if they do another one, which seems very likely at this point, I have no idea where they can go. At this point, it's done. You can't do anything else with Jigsaw.

Overall, I had fun and the audience I went with enjoyed it, especially the ending. The audience was really engaged in the film and they clapped at the end. (Amazing what our modern society finds entertaining.) SAW VI does exactly what you expect it to do. Those who enjoy these movies will get exactly what they want from it. Those who don't really have any reason to check this one out…



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