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Movie Review: Surrogates

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 3 months ago

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Written Sept. 23, 2009

First off, its common sense that everyone should know now that you can't put a half inch layer of rubber over a metal face and it will look and move just like a real face that has layers of fat and muscle tissue. They could have made the cyborg/surrogates more realistic, but if you can put that out of your mind, this is a pretty decent film. I love good Sci-Fi movies that make you think...

Secondly, something which was so obvious and stood out at the snap of a finger were all the mint looking faces. The movie really has a lot to say about our society's obsession with appearance, considering all the plastic surgery, botox, hair transplants, etc. going on nowadays. Everyone’s surrogate is young and strong and healthy and so full of appeal at times it’s simply overkill, but the balance delivered within scenes when those with surrogates would switch off, we’d get to see their seasoned appearance and keeps it realistic with implications of no such thing as human immortality.

And thirdly, the story has been visited many times before in different ways. What set “Surrogates” apart is that it is about the story. To me this is a breath of life apart from the typical formulaic fodder that has been churned out for the past decade.

Sure, it may be a little simple and the pace is faster than I would have liked; but it delivers exactly what I was hoping it would... A tale of technology robbing us of our humanity... By focusing on telling the story and nothing but the story, all other concepts and ideas of this world are left to the viewer's own imagination. Scenes that normally take 10 minutes to explain or 20 in back story making me feel treated like a graham cracker, drooling, infant are forgone. Images are there briefly and then it's on to the next concept or idea and I'm left to deliciously ponder it over like a thinking human being. Thank you.

I'm trying to think of something negative about this film, however; I can’t other than the neglected approach with layered skin on mechanical faces. Other than that, the acting was pretty solid. Visually, it's not "The Matrix" (the first one) but much more satisfying than "Gamer." It doesn't rely heavily on glitz or glam... Oh yeah, my only other irk would have to be the fast pace and length of the film, but because of it, it doesn’t make it a bad film.

Its quite enjoyable, keeps you interested and I’d say it’s a film “Snake Plissken” would give a thumbs up to, and I emphatically agree.



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