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Movie Review: 9

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 3 months ago

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Written 09/09/09

I’m going on a limb and openly saying this is the best film I’ve seen this year!

9 was one of the films that I had highly been anticipating. I kept watching the advertisements as they were saturated in phenomenal cinematography and a unique, gothic atmosphere. The premise itself was inventive and the 11-minute short that preceded the upcoming film, that shares the same title, was even nominated for an Oscar. Before I even anticipated one single review from the motion picture, an excess of reviews were linked to the internet and my expectations skyrocketed through the roof as they consisted of mostly positive feedback. I knew that the critics would not be dishonest as they are not generous or caring for mainstream Hollywood dribble.

I am proud to say that the film was highly captivating and it's refreshing to see a unique and inventive film that doesn't recycle the same story line. What essentially worked with the film, that has been mentioned quite frequently, are the amazing visuals. Every shot of the film was pure and its high-definition glory enhanced the experience. The film gets a grade higher just for the polished look it has. While not fully developed, the characters are likable for the most part. They might be stale compared to some compelling animation films such as “WALL-E” and possibly “Coraline,” but by no circumstances are they one-dimensional. The premise is highly unique and is not clichéd or re-hashed. The film also is substantially stripped of typical child dribble. This is a mature and ballsy film that doesn't play by the kind book.

The film also runs at a reasonable and brisk pace. The movie never has persistent dialogue or useless scenes that are time consuming. The film jumps from one plot to another and is straightforward. As for the action junkies, there are large amounts of action and violence and while not horribly grotesque, it definitely steers clear of the tame kid violence.

Now, while I thoroughly enjoyed the film, I did have some minor issues with it. First off, while the film is briskly paced, character development is scarce and for the most part absent. I don't expect an abundance of dialogue, most notably The Godfather, but if an action sequence or two were to be omitted from the project, the characters can be more flourished and could actually be worth having sympathy for, especially in dangerous situations. While the action is plentiful, I found it to be too substantial… Like I previously mentioned, if an action sequence would be removed from the film, more room for character development, but it doesn’t lose any kind of artistic credibility.

Overall, 9 is a stunning and captivating experience. When its intentions are comical, the film works. When the film tries to be a mature and dark tale, the film succeeds. Not only is this is film visually stunning, but it's refreshing not to see the typical, clichéd wrecks from
Hollywood. While the idea of dolls in a post-apocalyptic world may be far-fetched, it still is a unique and creative premise. If you are looking for a briskly paced feature that has a nice, polished view which embellishes our society’s new fetish of life post end of days… this is it!



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