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Movie Review: Post Grad

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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Written August 23, 09

Oh my God what a piece of crap this turned out to be. Firstly, after such high by having enjoyed a bunch of bastards, I think I need a bit of film-like rehab in order to get back on the saddle. Secondly, this film embellished everything that defines not having anything better to do or see. Thirdly, the flawed plot is so annoying I found it pretty difficult in maintaining my composure or simply going insane and perhaps postal right in the theater.


I know Hollywood is the land of make-believe, but sometimes when they go over the top and nothing works at any level of presentation, I guess one can pretty much feel their intelligence has been insulted. Not because they might want to take advantage of your interests within an artistic presentation, but because perhaps they might think you’re not intelligent enough to realize how rushed and carefree studios can be at times.

I almost walked out early on, but I sank in my seat and (barely) tolerated and hoped for redemptive qualities, wisdom or something… something that had gotten the script actually made into a movie. It was not worthy. And truth be told, the only thing I felt kept my ass on that seat was the prospective law student with the guitar who was able to act well. The little brother did a pretty okay job. But that was it with regards to entertainment. Other than that… downward spiral… The story was less than ordinary. Kind of a chick-flick & so NOT funny and that’s sad considering it’s supposed to be a comedy. Oh and before I end… pretty predictable as well.

Girl doesn't get awesome job immediately upon graduation and moves in with crazy family. Boo Hoo… WAHHH…Gee I don't want to give any more of the script away.

So lucky I didn’t pay for this!



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