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Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 3 months ago

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Written July 25, 09

Only read this if you have read the book! Okay, well… not that I have… or even picked up any other one from the series, but that’s what my nephews are for. I can honestly say that I think this might be the best and most well rounded of the Potter movies. No, I’m not one of those fan-boy’s that loves every movie but I really do think that this was the most balanced of all the movies. By balance I mean that there are aspects of both character development and action that work together. What makes the Harry Potter books so great is that despite living in this “magical” world, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are regular relatable characters. I thought that in the previous movie they lost site of it just a bit.

Probably the most successful part of this movie was not the story but the actual interaction between the characters. In the book we follow Harry and Ron as they approach adolescence and start to find out about love and women. Lavender was such an over the top character that in an odd way she actually works very well, and provides a lot of the comic relief found in this movie (which oddly I did find this was probably the funniest of the series). However despite all the Ginny, Harry, Ron, Hermione drama probably my favorite moment of the entire movie was when Harry and Ron are lying in bed talking about girls and their nice “skin”. It was so real and relatable on a level most of the other movies lost in an effort to be “magical.” There wasn’t very many tear-jerking parts to this movie, I attribute this mostly to already knowing the end, however I did hear a few sniffles and did get choked up when Hermione and Harry have a very real moment talking about the objects of their affection in the hallway.

Visually I thought this movie really hit a home run. I remember watching it and seeing the second or third scene where Bellatrix goes to see Snape. They are walking through a series of dark alleys and the rain coming down is such a great visual. Unlike some of the previous movies this one really went along with my imagination. Whenever you read a book you create a picture in your mind and it is usually disappointing when the movie doesn’t live up to it. That can be said for the ending with the cave and island near the end. The lake of the dead and the boat all really came to life in this movie and really fit the visual images I created ahead of time. Probably the most memorable of the visuals though is when one of the girls (her name escapes me) almost dies when she touches a cursed necklace. She is lifted into the air and the look on her face is terrifying, it was probably the scariest image I’ve come across in the movie.

Action wise this movie doesn’t live up to the previous movie. In the end of “phoenix” there is that amazing fight scene in the ministry with some really great wizard battles. The wizard battles are lacking, but one great one does exist in the what field outside the Weasley household. That scene was probably the best action sequence in the movie, really creating the suspense in a scene that most movie goers already new the end to.
Any time you take a book the size of “Half Blood Prince” and make a movie out of it you have to cut some things. That’s why I’m not going to sit and tell you the book was better because it is by it’s very nature. There is two changes in the book that didn’t sit well with me and one was only very minor. The minor one was not making Slughorn fat. In the book he’s described as a very large man, something the movie does not do. On the other hand the large moment that I was upset they deleted was the scene at the very end where Harry tells Ginny that they can’t be together because he has to search for Horcruxes. In the book I thought it really drove home this “burden” that has been bestowed on Harry and the sacrifices he’s going to have to make.
Overall I really enjoyed the movie, it was funny and sad where it needed to be and kept me entertained for over two hours in the wee hours of the morning. I do have to say the best thing to come out of this movie is the true pronunciation of the word Horcrux! I really can't wait for the next one. Enjoy it fellow Potter Heads, it’s a good one.



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