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Movie Review: Bruno

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 5 months ago

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Written July 10, 09

As a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen’s antics, style and openness, its no secret that his self-characterized films often lay hand in hand with his critically acclaimed TV show titled “Da Ali-G Show.” Having dug deep within himself and unleashing a Kazakhstan rebel known as “Borat,” who seeks education within American culture, “Bruno” stands equally when it comes to unveiling a world of shock value comedy which walks two sides of the fence… one being the would be discomfort of others interacting with him or on the flip side, as many have mentioned, mocking specific personalities that may be way too offensive to those who may very well be the actual culprit. This time around, Bruno, a gay fashionista is the host of a top-rated late night fashion show in any German-speaking country--apart from Germany. Bruno’s mission? To become the biggest Austrian celebrity since Hitler. His strategy? To crisscross the globe in the hopes of finding fame and love…

The film’s description may be confusing or strange, but no doubt is it hysterically funny and surly this man (S.B.C) takes it to a level of extremes in order to get his work done among those who have been chosen to feel the wrath of Bruno. I can’t say that the entire film works, but surly is one of the most unique “self portrayed” pieces one will ever see. Like “Borat” what gets my mind flowing is not really being sure of which scenes are real and which ones are staged as Sacha has always mentioned blending both parts. One obvious stand out in this piece is due to his fame, there are very little places where he can actually work in so the areas are very unique versus those in both his shows and last film. How he does it or when he does remains to be known, but no matter how you see it… agree or disagree, this man is an artist when dealing with cultures.

While watching this film I honestly felt worried for the well-being of Cohen on more than one occasion. What kind of a maniac sits down with a member of the Al Aqsa Martyr Brigade and tells him that Osama bin Laden needs a makeover because he looks like a dirty wizard? What sort of disregard for personal safety would make a guy playing a flaming homosexual crawl naked into a redneck's tent at 3 in the morning... on a hunting trip? Who would put himself in the path of hurled metal folding chairs after making out with a man instead of fighting him at an ultimate fighting match? I can’t think of anyone else but him.

Pretty amazing and admirable if you ask me due to this guy unleashing on everything that can define a bad-ass. 

The film’s got a bit of everything and I totally recommend it to those who really understand open comedy. It’s most definitely an acquired taste so if you’re easily offended or not in tune with the kind of work this man does, view at your own risk.



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