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Movie Review: The Girlfriend Experience

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 5 years ago

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PL's Archive: May 23, 09

What I’m about to say is so sad and this is why… I truly enjoy a lot of Soderbergh’s films because he really knows how to draw the substance out of a story… maybe not much with the “Oceans…” series, but he’s got it down when pulling elements of deep-rooted emotions and lively hood with awesome pieces of work like “Traffic” and before this film with “Che”. Very enticing to any kind of mindset on the edge of good filmmaking insanity… but this one… holy shit, this was something else. I think the only… THE ONLY thing that seemed a bit interesting was watching Sasha Grey act for the fist time.

I really liked the concept of the film, so I was excited to see it. Now, I would say you may want to compare it on an artistic level with 'I Know Who Killed Me.' What also dragged me to view this film was curiosity… getting Sash Grey to act in a film with a big name director. Sasha Grey actually did an acceptable acting job, if you consider it is not what she does. The rest of the cast did not do such a good job and I am not sure who deserves the blame - Director or Actor? The story had zero depth. I take that back because there was a bit of a relationship with her boyfriend, but you would not know by the acting. The camera got mixed up into this "reality television" type thing where the actors would almost talk into the camera during a flight scene. Some people may find it "great and creative," but I thought it totally brought a flat movie down.

I was extremely uninterested during most of the film. I think the first 5 minutes were good because of the cinematography (I'm trying to think of anything good) and then it goes downhill from there. At least the actresses are HOT and great to stare at… other than that… forget about this one. I would not even recommend it for your Netflix list. Really a shame because I think Sasha Grey tried hard…. I guess its back to porn for her!



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