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Movie Review: Dance Flick

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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PL's Archive: Written May 23, 09

Okay, so yes, it’s another Wayans brothers parody comedy film… so really not much can be expected pertaining to plot or character development or an uplifting emotional climax that takes a film to a level of art form at it’s best, but I will say, having followed these guys from way back in the day with films like “I’m gonna get you sucka” or “White Chicks” or “Scary Movie” or TV funny skits with their show “In-Living Color”, these brothers (no pun) have surely left their mark within the industry by delivering raw urban flavored comedy accompanied with additional twists and turns leaning towards the spoofing of mainstream films. “Dance Flick” isn’t anything different with the mocking of past dance films like “Honey” or “Last Dance”, the cleverness applied when looking for humor within these films can easily be targeted by these guys and make no mistake that as stupid as it may seem, and yes, a lot of it is pretty damn stupid, laughs will be released. Do not enter this film expecting light humor as it’s all but that, however; it doesn’t hold back on the level of display which only makes us realize how lame these dance films can be, but they also make room by not holding any punches and poking fun at themselves by basically stating the fact that yes… what they’re known for is pretty much making fun of others and having the luck to be able to do so.

Aside from veteran “In-Living Color” and former Wayans’ films personalities, the film is overseen and managed by the “mature” members of the family… Keenan, Marlon and Shawn, the production and backbone of this film pretty much lay on the hands of Craig and Damon Wayans, Jr. along with a whole host of others like cutie Shoshanna Bush (who, in character/wardrobe, reminded me of someone I dated a while back… LOL…) were being directed by another Wayans member Damon Dante. I guess Wayans 2.0, because to my knowledge they’re all the sons of a couple of them, is clearly on the rise and considering snubs by many, I’m sure we haven’t seen or heard the last of them.

“Dance Flick” isn’t the kind of film one recommends to ANYONE, but the kind one does recommend to someone who possess a GREAT sense of humor and in search of a good chuckle. Truth be told… you might like it!



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