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Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 5 months ago

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PL's Archive: Written May 21, 09

Terminator Salvation brings the punch of well executed action, a decent storyline and plenty of character buildup into a 2 hr journey. It does feel like a journey, which is good because it keeps this one separate from last 3 Terminator movies.

Lots of action but very well placed and paced. A key part of the action is how it is shot. In a typical movie there are lots of short cuts and different angles to make action look very fast and choreographed, and sometimes cheesy and stupid (there were elements of it I enjoyed… but on the contrary, remember Transformers???). NOT in this flick. The camera angles are great, and immerse you into the scene.

This feels like a war movie with elements of sci-fi. Not a typical movie where there is one destroyer and one savior. Miles better than the last terminator flick. Story about Marcus and John is very well knit (credit to John Nolan of The Dark Knight). There are a few surprises on the way which keep the movie fresh.

I don't like movies where there is no meaningful dialog between characters. Terminator Salvation has plenty of dialogs that are made for fans and even more for those who judge a movie by the quality of conversation between characters. There are several scenes with powerful dialogs. Fans like me will love "I'll be back", "Come with me if you wanna live" etc.

I loved Terminator Salvation for great action, direction, acting, dialog, and story and of course because I am a big Terminator fan. This is a must see movie for this year.

You can't compare Star Trek with Terminator. Star Trek happens in a polished world where things (robots, computers, humans) are living their lives smoothly. Terminator Salvation happens to be in a world that is brutal, dry, dangerous and absolutely gritty.


The movie is absolutely going to make fans very happy. Sarah Connor and T-800 make appearances in ways that are very well suited for them. In my opinion this movie ties all lose ends from last 3 movies and creates a tight punch. The climax is long and sooo cool. During the whole movie there are many men vs. machine fights that are just superbly executed on screen.



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