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Movie Review: X-men Origins: Wolverine

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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PL's Archive: Written May 1, 09

Due to having spread quicker than Swine Flu, the WOLVERINE pandemic was surely felt for months and months before the actual centralized substance was released. The peanut-butter and jelly-like smear caused a disruption among fans, studio, internet and many DVD players and computer monitors across the world.

Having utilized my limited comic-book knowledge, researched what I was loose on with some savvy sources regarding WOLVERINE and seen the film 3X, twice in leaked form (hey, It was passed on to me, I didn’t do the downloading) and once again today… I did notice differences, however, something was missing… sort of like smelling good food and when eating, you’re satisfying that hunger, but the flavor… the flavor isn’t there! Aside from that… and was actually told this by some sources which I believe to be reliable… If you stay after the credits, there’s supposed to be two different scenes shown depending on the print you get. One supposedly hints at a sequel, the other hints at a spin off with “Deadpool” which is the one I saw. With Fox now looking to do a young X-Men: First Class movie, I'm afraid this property is pretty much dead and buried... I don't know why they refuse to do a New Mutants film, with other mutants like “Sunspot” and “Cannonball,” but does it really matter at this point? It may as well be 90 minutes of Fox executives giving us the finger. The way they're going with these comic book franchises, they might as well do a fucking Power Pack/Dazzler Marvel Team-Up movie….but anyway… “Who gives a shit, who gives a fuck!?” – Steve Langford (Howard Stern show)

After gathering information about the man himself and watching this film… The story is disjointed at best. At the opening scene, you are kind of thrown out of your element and the setup leaves no meat and potatoes, just a quick appetizer. Only those who have read "Wolverine: Origins" will be in the loop and then they have to deal with all the shushes as they explain it to their girlfriends that are lost within 5 minutes. It doesn't get much better with continuity but it goes by at a brisk enough pace that you don't worry too much about it. Still fans will leave the theatre going "……I mean, really?" I can confirm this because I heard it several times on my way out of the theater.

The acting is what makes this movie. Hugh does great reprising his role as the ol' knucklehead for a 4th time, as does Liev who so obviously took his role serious… Fortunately, most of the other characters are very well done... and then there are ones that really kind of blow. Emma Frost is the first that comes to mind. On the flipside, the breakaway characters are easily Wade Wilson and Remy Lebeau. The only problem is that they suffer from the same horrible symptom: Not nearly enough screen time.

Which …*sigh*… leads to the direction…. It's not as spastic as "Watchmen" but it’s similar because if you don't know basic information about the characters, you're lost. It would have been nice showing a training session with the group early in the film. Unfortunately, you're thrown into a straight-up mission and each character does practically one thing each and that's it. For those who don't know “Wraith” or “Agent Zero” or “Fred Dukes”, you're lost for a bit. That sloppy direction could've been avoided but was thrown aside for action's sake. Yes, there's plenty of action. But once again, no meat, no potatoes, and I wasn't exactly sure what that entree was (Well I knew but I'm sure there were some who weren't). Ah fuck it I’ll tell you… “Deadpool”. There, now leave me alone!

The visuals were mostly good but there were claw issues. Sometimes the claws look VERY CGI’d and it's hard to get past that. It shouldn't be that hard guys. And so the visuals however good aren't great and with a high profile movie like this, that is a problem.

Overall this is a good start to the 2009 summer blockbuster season. If you want to go watch some action and see things go kablooey, then plop right down and don't forget the popcorn. If you're a Wolvie fan (And haven't seen it yet... quasi-shame) then it's still ok. You won't get lost but forgive those who do. For being nearly indestructible, "X-men Origins: Wolverine" should've been handled with a little more care.



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