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Movie Review: Tyson

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Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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PL's Archive: Written April 28, 2009

...And that’s how one presents a fucking documentary! I’m a devout lover of this genre and most of the time when I view these pieces, they’re about something or someone that’s already lived it’s rounds (no pun intended), has made an impact and legacy has lived on and on in the most influential ways ever and through the waves of mental or spiritual existence, one starts to envision it or them in different ways without any limits. “Tyson” renders the same services, but what works so well for this particular film is the fact that director and personal friend of 25 years, James Toback, laid back, turned on the camera, rolled film and just allowed him (Mike Tyson) to go. I’ve always felt that it’s so unfair to just focus on one-sided stories without any research and just allow yourself to drown with what’s being presented. Judgment is a huge part of human-nature whether under malicious intent or not and can leave or lead to negative energies. Coming from the mouth of Tyson himself, the man really digs deep into his life from way back all up until the present time and as I viewed this film, I noticed how every little thing he’s experienced in life has been due to the pressures of life’s strange ways of tugging and pushing. A victim of circumstances, the man did have choices, but knowing how not everyone’s surrounded by the best at all times, speeding up the process for personal gains was pretty much the point of focus. Something I enjoyed very much and understood what Toback was doing was the multipaneled split screens and overlapping audio used to illuminate Tyson’s inner conflicts which come off as a stylistic gloss on an emotional void (or, better, lipstick on a pit-bull). The film is all calculation, though that doesn’t make it any less of an engrossing talkathon.

His confessions and openness is raw and hard to understand at times. However, he never denies any wrong doing and claims responsibility for a lot of his personal falls. Despite that, It’s clear that advantage was taken among him and it contributed to a lot. If you’re a lover of documentaries and seeking a good one to watch, this is it. It’s definitely open and delivers a different view, insight and observation regarding a human-being we’ve only had limited access to.



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