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Movie Review: Hush

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 3 months ago

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PL's Archive: Written April 14, 2009

The old saying “out of left field” stands for this film in so many ways; I don’t have enough words to express how intense, mysterious and creepy this thriller is. A lover of indie flicks, this British piece for sure exposes the magic of passion and the art of captivating ones psyche without all the fancy explosions, special affects or A-list casting. Although the plot may have seemed pretty straight forward, the film’s simplicity and subtleness, delivers with a steady pace of story telling, while simultaneously connecting the characters along and leading you along a slippery, wet and creepy mobilized journey that winds up turning into one of the most unique and unexpected nights in the life of the main protagonists and you (generally speaking) as a devotee lending personal time to this well crafted film.

What mostly appealed to me…? the lack of predictability and the intense level of suspense and wonder…

A tired and irritable couple, Zakes (Will Ash) and Beth (Christine Bottomley) drive home along the M1, a familiar journey full of harshly lit service stations and bad coffee. When a white truck narrowly avoids hitting them, its back doors open to reveal a woman terrified and screaming caged up inside. Unsure if what he has seen is real, Zakes calls the police but drives on. Beth is furious that he hasn't done more to help and at the next petrol station storms off. When she doesn't return, Zakes slowly realizes that she too has been snatched by the white truck driver and is forced into a vicious game of cat and mouse with a ruthless killer who has terrifying plans for his human cargo.



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