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Movie Review: The Haunting In Connecticut

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Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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PL Archinve: Written March 25, 2009

Oh man am I glad I didn’t pay for this flick. Stink-fest ’09 is what my outlook on this piece was. I think one of the most disappointing films this year by far and it’s no surprise. Here’s why… most normal people would just walk at the thought of renting a dark, creaky house with a history. But oh no… not Sara (Virginia Madson), who plants her family in an eerie old place because it’s near the hospital where her son Matt (Kyle Gallner) receives cancer treatment… women!! Soon Matt’s having visions of blood, bugs and dead people and other freaky stuff starts spooking everyone else. Shocking?! Hell no!! I’m always suckered into these kinds of films knowing better that most fear induced films of today are pretty much laced for commercial value rather than really getting into a person’s psyche. Nothing scary if I may say with the exception of SOME camera angles of the house that can give off questionable thoughts and feelings, but for the most part it’s your typical ghost-like film… As a skeptic too I always question the reality and replenishing of “Based on true events” or “based on a true story”… “… Connecticut” is allegedly based on a true story, but that doesn’t add much considering that like most PG-13 haunting-related films, it seems all have the same stench… you know, the flickering lights, goo-like foam pouring, noisy score etc… like most contemporary horror/thriller films, it’ll wind up being forgotten. Here… I’ll test you… does anyone even remember last year’s “The Haunting of Molly Hartley?”

Shot with a dark, edgy and almost grainy approach, it’s supposed to serve as a documented story of a family pushed into relocating near a clinic where their cancer stricken son is being observed and treated. Like most middle-class families, financially shot and not too far from emotional strain as well, the family discovered a recently renovated home of which once served as a funeral home laced with an intense dark back-ground. During their unfortunate experiences with supernatural acts both inside and outside of their home, the family takes steps in seeking help which serves as both ghost hunter(s) and religious like appeal to perform an exorcism kind of act, ‘



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