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Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 4 months ago

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PL's Archive: Written Feb 28, 2009

Well before I get into it… all I can say is I rather much stay with the memory of how enjoyable playing the game was rather than watching the flick(s). It’s also clear how they’re trying to steer it into a film franchise with mentions of other game characters and certain implications of open work that “still” needs to be done…

Anyways this Movie plain and simple is horrible.

Here’s the quick breakdown:

Acting is HORRIBLE like almost as if it was a parody. “Charlie Nash” (Chris Klein) is SOOOOO bad he’s hilarious. But he’s not the only one. Like its not even Cheesy likable like Van’s just SO bad its offensive. Your intelligence is seriously
insulted by the acting (and plot) in this movie. It feels like someone
trying to trade you $5 for $10 and being dead serious about it.

2. The plot is paper thin and so idiotic that 8 retarded monkeys on
speed could come up with something better. SERIOUSLY…! Trying to figure
out ANY of the characters motivations or rationale for their actions is
like trying to piss in the corner of a circular room. But I don't want
to "spoil" anything so I’ll spare the specifics. Also I couldn't
explain their motives anyways.

3. Now the plot holes could be forgiven if the fight scenes were
outstanding....but they're not. It’s all crap! “Chun Li” (Kristin Kreuk), “Vega” (Taboo – I’m not kidding you, that’s his stage name), “Bison” (Neal McDonough), “Balrog” (Michael Clarke Duncan) ALL cannot fight for shit, “Gen” (Robin Shou) is the only
main character that is a formally trained fighter. On a side note it
always surprises me how people who have never thrown a punch in their
life can take on a martial arts role in
Hollywood. Then they try and
justify it and say their qualified because they got some tips off the
back of a cereal box, watched 2 Jackie Chan movies, and trained in
"kung fu" for 5 days on the set. I mean think about it? to play a
martial arts need to be an actor and a fighter... its like
the qualification requirements for any job posting...could you become a
Dr. by knowing half your shit0!? Didn’t think so... so why they do this
puzzles me... anyhow I digress... the point is the fighting is below par
at best and only mildly redeemed by “Chun Li's dad” and “Gen”.

4. Lastly this movie makes a horrible use of the license. It’s just bad
business, really. So let me get this straight...You pay for a franchise
and DON"T use the most recognizable characters and then you change
drastically the ones you do use so that no one can recognize them...that’s like paying for the batman license and batman not being in the This movie has tax write off written all over it.

seriously being piss drunk watching dudes drive real fast turning left for 3 hours (oh wait that’s NASCAR) is better than this...and that’s sad.



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