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Movie Review: He's Just Not That Into You

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 5 months ago

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PL's Archives: Writen 2/6/09

It’s a refreshing look into many wonderful confusing facets of dating or at least the attraction of the opposite sex. I never read the book, but having watched this film I guess laid out a lot of what I personally have felt for a while now. As a guy I know my do’s and don’ts and it’s helped not only me, but having many female friends, them as well. I totally have that one good friend who clearly defines “Gigi” (Ginnifer Goodwin) the hopeless romantic neurotic type (in a cute way if I may add) who’s always feeling that sense of “hope” just because some dude smiles at her or the marriage starved and crazed one like “Beth” (Jennifer Aniston) or “Janine” (Jennifer Connelly) who knows what she’s doing and what’s happening between her and her man and realized it way too late and so on… I think the film delivered clear messages of all states of approaches, relationships and expectations and the truth is that life’s pretty much a gauntlet of unknown occurrences and it rises even more when trying to find that mate who’ll be there for the ride along side with you. Yes exceptions do exist, but it’s not always going to be ‘you’ and ‘him/her’. I’m no relationship expert and maybe there were pieces missing from the book in this film, but I enjoyed the fact that at the end not everyone gets to have their cake and eat it too. Some of us obtain ‘The one’, some of us keep jumping from one place to another and some of us just pretty much give up and go with the flow without any kind of strings attached and riding the wave of a single lifestyle… like me for example!

A major key in the film and something I enjoyed was the expression of never jumping to conclusion and assuming you know what he or she is thinking. We’re not mind readers… NO neither species can say they “know” what the other’s thinking… yes, we can bond enough to be able to sort of predict a move, but it’s not a sign to claim expertise. We’re all different in many ways and although men might be from Mars and women from Venus… the human connection is there and we can read and feed off each other based on energies.

The entire cast did very well with their characters and even though I felt I could have known a bit more about “Mary” (Drew Barrymore) and her approach on men, or a wee bit more geared towards men having some of their say between cuts of personal thoughts with those who weren’t the cast… it was cool… I think it worked... overall I’m okay with what I saw… not floored because human connection has existed since way back and we’ve all been schooled on it one way or another and an outside-of-the-box purpose for this film I think is to show ALL of us how dumb we can be at times when it comes to this fairy tale ideal way of finding the “perfect” person. The key thing is pretty much read between the lines because it goes both ways… not just that he’s not into you, but she as well. and there’s also that other side of the coin of pretty much winding up with the things and people you least expect. Oh and one more thing… the truth does hurt, but believe you me, you’ll appreciate it in the long run.

Therefore I conclude… as a guy… I respect anyone involved in a relationship (i.e. dating, engaged or married) and much love, luck and kudos to them… but for me.. I really don’t give three shits about them, they’re overrated,



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