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Movie Review: Taken

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 5 months ago

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PL's Archives: Written 2/1/09

Intense is pretty much the only word I can come up with when trying to narrow down this film. There really aren’t any words for me to try and describe it. Considering the realities of life regarding human trafficking and the anguish of a parent not knowing what to follow up with, I can totally say that my heart goes out to any victim in current distress over this horrible situation. Okay… back to the film… even though I think Liam Neeson did his thing and delivered well if I may add… there are a few minor lacks. I would have enjoyed to have known a bit more about his past as a father with his daughter “Kim” (Maggie Grace) and also would have loved to have seen a bit more of the crumbling between him (Neeson) and his wife “Lenore” (Famke Janssen). It would have made for a bit more regarding feelings towards stakes, but okay… I think creatively they were able to pull it off because it gave us enough to understand, so whatever, I’ll survive. Another thing that kind of bugged me was the fact that “Kim” was supposed to be 17 and even though looks wise she was able to pull it off… I think character wise she needed a bit more research in the sense of really acting like 17 not 14 or 15 which based on actions, that’s what it seemed like. But again… it didn’t take away from the magic of the film pertaining to a man and an all out attempt to salvage what belongs to him as a father as well as a hero of a horrid uncertain life of bait and switch. It’s got it’s moments of cringing and suspense and that intensified feeling of wishing as a whole we, generally, could do more. I honestly feel the need to recommend this film. It’s without a doubt one of the year’s best…

The story’s based on “Brian Mills” (Neeson) a no-bull-roughneck former government operative who now helps out working special security gigs, such as protecting a Christina Aguilera-like rock star (Holly Valance). Brian’s entire life now is dedicated around his teenage daughter, who enlists her mother and Dad’s ex-wife to get his permission to let her go away on an unsupervised European vacation with her best friend “Amanda” (Katie Cassidy). Reluctantly, Brian accepts with stipulations of which she (his daughter) agrees upon. An unexpected turn occurs and all hell breaks loose when the two are abducted in Paris, France and sold into a common underground world of a sexual slavery ring, and Dad flies off to investigate, patch up pieces and obtain his daughter once again.



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