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Movie Review: Run Lola Run

Adam Hong image

Adam Hong wrote this review 6 years and 5 months ago

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First off, the synopsis for Run Lola Run on this page is wrong -- as in totally different movie.

As the title suggests, Lola, a punky 20-something, runs nonstop through the movie literally. A frantic call from her boyfriend, Mamni, asking her to come up with 100,000 marks in twenty minutes, or him facing death sets Lola in motion. She tears through the city and hasn’t a clue how to come up with the money by the time she reaches Mamni. And yet she knows she will. This movie is about love and fate, and how the slightest change of action has profound consequences. From the filmmaking point of view Run Lola Run is extraordinary. It has a unit narrative using the oldest motto in filmmaking “show, don’t tell”. The film is mostly visuals, stunning visuals of streets of Berlin as Lola slaps her feet on concrete to pulsing music. Along the way we learn quite a bit about strangers, whose lives change profoundly as she bumps into them literally. You see, Lola actually runs through the city three times, and each time she makes different decisions that change the outcome of her goal, and others’ as well.



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