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Movie Review: Paul Blart Mall Cop

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 5 months ago

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PL's Archives: Written 1/17/09

Kevin James at it again… I have nothing against him and I respect his latest move from TV to films, but there’s something about it that doesn’t really seem to flow. For me at least… but like I’ve asked before, who am I? I’m only the voice of me and even though there might be others who think like me, a big portion of others don’t. But whatever, this isn’t about me… it’s about the “Mall Cop”. James’ attempt with what I believe would be his first ballsy move at being the main protagonist worked in some ways and in others… ahh… not so well. Firstly, his comedic abilities and talents I think serve him well when in the company of someone who can carry and make it shine (i.e. “Hitch” or “I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry” or “King of Queens”). Secondly having a heavy-set guy who’s basically a loser (according to American social standards) and turn him into a winner everyone admires and winds up with the girl… (Who by the way seemed like pedophilia due to how young she looked)… at the end… nah, impossible right? When’s the last time a heavy-set man got the girl and wasn’t signed-off by many… really, think about it? But… I’m one that sees the glass half full and not all of it turned out to be a snooze. There were a few ‘Ha’s” and “Hee’s”.

Although really shot in Massachusetts but “set” in Jersey, Paul Blart is your everyday average Joe who’s a single dad and found interest in becoming a New JerseyState trooper, but due to health conditions, must point his law abiding endeavors in another direction. Having landed and enthusiastically embrace his security guard duties at a local mall, he finds himself comfortable servicing shoppers by keeping things in order and happy for being able to provide for his daughter. Even though all seems flowing well, with a minor missing piece to his puzzle of happiness, loneliness starts to hit due to missing his ex-wife who ran off on him. With the support of his daughter and mother, that loving need seems to be very longing and they decide to help him out it, while on the other hand, Paul himself starts to eye a mall employee and because of insecurities and esteem issues due to social write offs, thinks twice on approaching. Pretty much this a day to day life, but with changes and courage there comes that moment when he slowly starts to fit in, yet still marginalized, but flows with it all. As his attempt of trying to stand out doesn’t really go well… out of no where, an inside plot unleashes a take over of the mall worth millions of dollars and this raises the Mall Cop’s stakes and tests his will of standing for what he believes in and pursued as he finds himself caught in the middle. Through the course of his unexpected stand-off and strange connections and interactions, the realization of hostages becomes known and enforces his will of duty and serving when not only is his crush one of the hostages, but being at the wrong place at the wrong time, also his daughter. To make matters a bit complicated, the doubting feelings of him having pull through an uncontrollable situation of which he’d never experienced.

One can pretty much know where it all ends as scene after scene it becomes clear, but for what it’s worth I really can’t knock it for being a “bad flick”. It did what it had to do and with the comedy spoofs with ups and downs as a one-man-army, it was okay. Was it amazing? NO! Did it suck? NO Would I recommend it? I don’t think so, but whatever… I’m sure it’ll do well because of who he is and where he’s from and I think this will be the flick that will put him to the test and prove to America (and perhaps the world) if indeed he can be a box-office champ with something to deliver now and in future.



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