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Movie Review: Milk

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 5 years and 2 months ago

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PL's Archives: Written 12/19/08

“Milk” to me was an awesome display of what a meaning of true belief, will and ambition stands for when fighting the good fight. Sean Penn delivers a powerful impact as “Harvey Milk”, an openly gay activist, to take it blow by blow (no pun intended) and become one of this country’s first iconic figures when elected the first openly gay man into U.S. public office. The desires of equal rights stood firm in his head in many ways and embarked on a pretty impressive journey with all odds stacked against him. Set in 1977, from his not so mediocre life in NYC and taking it to wherever it would land, The Castro, SF, when pretty much anything outside of pretty much being White, Christian and working-class was pretty much taboo, the barriers were broken. As he found himself doing something to stand up for personal belief, along side “Scott Smith” (his lover played by James Franco) and the energies of small speeches and leaflet passing and networking with others who were afraid to fight for the causes that would benefit them, he finally finds himself with enough “clout” (for lack of a better term) and launches his campaign as a gay man fighting for gay rights, along side, the rights of others that support the cause and idea of civil liberties for the life of human equalities. The bumpy road led him towards the obvious downs but the will and disadvantages as well as abuses among his own kind kept him on top and heated. Opposition, distress and life’s difficulties gain as his level of public figure and support grew until that one moment where the unexpected takes place… his election as city supervisor for the newly zoned District 5 all the through the inevitable. I’ll leave that up to you to figure out...

There’s no doubt that this film carries a controversial topic that’s been battled for years and years, but what makes this piece of artwork shine more than usual is the fact that it it’s just that… fact.

As a hetero-sexual man with a liberal outlook, the cause of gay rights is a matter that I know among my kind can be a bit shady, yet, a matter of focus. We cannot ignore the fact that they’re humans just like all of us… and deserve their authentic acceptance… especially like those that have been oppressed in the past and if our nation’s meaning is defined by what we’re supposed to stand for, than I think we need to get our heads our of our asses and start looking at it from the inside out. We all know someone gay… a friend, family member, coworker etc and not being in their shoes is something we cannot ever know, but can do the best to understand. Enough is enough and “MILK” defines that fine line between what’s right and wrong.



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