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Movie Review: Countdown To Zero

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 6 years and 5 months ago

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What is Armageddon? Most people would have the exact definition as it all boils down to harsh extinction of mankind’s life by either man-made or natural disasters. In the act of a natural disaster, the thought may seem scary and perhaps sad, but open to tolerability and understanding. However, when it leans towards the thought of it being man-made, we tend to cringe because the thought of a possible chance for it to have been prevented is great, however, when insecurity blends with a bit of crazy and power, the results can be extremely dangerous.
Countdown to Zero is an eye-opening documentary which traces the start of “The Bomb” through its current stance and possibly its future granted it continues to remain ignored and easily allowable for others to dig their claws within its materials and produce their own. From the U.S. all through North Korea, the nuclear arms race remains a major focal point among those who wish not to continue playing the game, however, for every one person who wants nothing to do with them (modern progressive governments), there’s always one that does. (Terrorists and of course nut-job rulers) Whether political or not, there aren’t any “justifiable” reasons for anyone to feel the need to carry such power and bully anyone around. One can argue it puts everyone at ease – I know I think that way at times – but what good would it bring? It only creates fear which leads to hate and expands to the act of EVERYONE seeking their own.
Explaining a nuclear attack from scratch to effects from anything within a five mile radius and beyond, the film keeps its purpose blunt. Without sugar-coating anything - including several fuck-ups within our own government pertaining to numerous accidents - Countdown to Zero is political free and opens the eyes and minds of those who choose to ignore such a complex situation and possible event if the shit ever hit the fan. I’m sure many Right-wing fuck-nuts will cry about this film being propaganda as it involves Lawrence Bender (An Inconvenient Truth). However, that shouldn’t hold anyone back if interested in knowing more about a sensitive case which lies on codes and simple turn of a key.
It becomes freaky as I’m a native New Yorker and a lot of would-be scenarios are always played out if they were indeed to happen in my city. A freaky scene pertains towards a map of NYC and a computerized bomb’s concentric circle once ignited expanding from the middle of Manhattan all through Brooklyn and Queens and even Jersey City as it would sit dead center from a bull’s-eye. YIKES!
I’m a realist and enjoyed the film a lot. I truly recommend this as a “MUST SEE” not only because of its educational force, but because the next time you think you actually control your life… to a certain degree you don’t because the very fate of very man, woman and child living in this oppressive world lies on the finger tips of others.
What’s sick about this picture is like a lot in this world… WE STARTED the nuclear age! (GOOGLE Robert Oppenheimer)



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