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Movie Review: Puncture

Adam Hong image

Adam Hong wrote this review 6 years and 5 months ago

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Puncture reminds me of Erin Brockovich -- devastating lawsuit, underdog law firm,  and corporate greed -- a darker version of Erin Brockovich, that can't decide whether it's a thriller or a straight drama. As a drama it lacks emotional roller-coaster. The sympathetic victims are not at its center, but rather an unlikable drugs-addict  lawyer is the hero, who fights big corporations and his inner demon and ultimately loses both (the case goes on after his death). From that premise, Puncture should've been a pure thriller like Michael Clayton. As a thriller Puncture lacks tension and violence. Because it's based on the true story, I'm sure the filmmakers have some constraints or liability to suggest that Weiss is murdered. But his demise is sudden, and without any foreshadowing.
Tone aside, Puncture is well-written and acted. The writers/filmmakers show meticulous research of the case and lawsuit procedure. The biggest surprise is Mr. Evans, who, just came off from his biggest role as Captain America, proves that he can be a serious actor as well.



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