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Movie Review: Devil's Due

Mike Pierce image

Mike Pierce wrote this review 3 years and 7 months ago

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I watched it people...and was a total let down for me. It reminded me on how I felt while watching PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2-4.

DEVIL'S DUE had more negatives than positives that for sure. See...the whole thing is shot through a video camera...which I understood in the beginning...BUT - then there were parts I was thinking, "Why are you recording that dude? It doesn't make any sense." The husband in the movie - - I just didn't believe his character. He was just dumb. I mean...something is terribly going wrong with his wife and he'd rather record crap.  He was just dumb!! (lol) The movie itself just never took off for me….just when I thought it was going to start getting good - - it would go was like a bad see-saw. I actually started getting sleepy in the middle of it. Finally at the end...I was like, “That’s it? Really.” Blah!

Now – it wasn’t a total piece of crap – there were a couple of cool supernatural parts...but they are quick. I would've liked to have seen more stuff. I expected more.

I give DEVIL'S DUE... 1 1/2 out of 5 popcorns. It's my kind of movie BUT...blahhhhhh!!




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