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Movie Review: Noah

Justin Morales image

Justin Morales wrote this review 3 years and 9 months ago

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Director: Darren Aronofsky
Starring: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson
Release Date: March 28, 2014

Adam and Eve were the first to walk the Earth until they disobeyed The Creator and ate an apple from the forbidden tree, choosing the shadows over the light. The first humans were then banished from the Garden of Eden and started their lives anew as Eve gave birth to three children: Cain, Abel and Seth. Cain went on to kill his brother Abel, once again choosing the shadows over the light. Cain later ran away to start a new life and came across The Watchers, fallen angels who came to Earth against The Creator’s command and have since been cursed. The Watchers then helped man flourish across the Earth and gave him the tools to industrialize.

Generations later, man is consumed by only more darkness, as their wickedness was not only reflected against nature but against themselves. The Creator grows tired of what man has become and decides to wipe the Earth of all but the innocent – the creatures that roam the Earth. Through the form of dream, The Creator then reaches out to Noah (Russell Crowe) the descendent of Seth, to fulfill this task. Noah, who is confused by what is initially asked from him, only recognizes one thing in the dream, a mountain where his grandfather Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins) rests. Noah and his family set off to his grandfather to gather more knowledge of what The Creator asks from him. While on their way, Noah and his family come across a little girl, Ila (Emma Watson), who has a wound in her stomach and has been left to die. Noah takes her into the family and with the help of his wife Naameh (Jennifer Connelly) they get her into healthy shape, but due to her injury she will never be able to bare a child.

As Noah and his family get closer to their destination, they are captured by The Watchers, who are no longer fond of man as he has betrayed them in the past. They leave Noah and his family in a pit to rot and die but that is until one of The Watchers, Samyaza (Nick Nolte), decides to help the family on their quest and frees them. When Noah arrives to his grandfather, he receives another message from The Creator and is now certain what he must do. As Noah leaves, Methuselah hands Noah a seed and tells him to plant it, which will later create thousands of trees to aide Noah in creating an ark.

With the help of The Watchers, Noah begins to build the ark. As animals begin to make their journey towards the ark, so does man. Tubal-cain (Ray Winstone) and his army of man follow the animals towards the ark and once Noah enlightens them about the purpose of the ark and what The Creator intends to do with mankind, Tubail-cain demands that man should be allowed on the ark instead of the animals. But Noah stays strong to The Creator’s words and denies him access but Tubail-cain is too stubborn and swears to come back. Noah must now hurry and finish the ark before war breaks out with Tubail-cain and his army of men while also having to worry about tensions building amongst his own family.

Noah is yet another beautiful masterpiece from director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) as the visuals, cinematography, dialogue and acting were brilliant in every aspect of the word. The tale of Noah could be found in the book of Genesis 6-8, a mere three chapters of many that can be found in the Bible. With Noah being a length of 139 minutes, Aronofsky adds his own interpretation of the three chapters to the film.

Aronofsky got many things correct but not all. The tale of The Watchers, Noah’s family and age/time span, the fight scenes, the events that occurred on the ark and Noah’s downfall were all inaccurate when referred to the Bible. But does this really take away from the film? If you are one who lives for every word in the Bible than you might be drawn away from the film but if that is not the case this film is nothing but spectacular.

Overall, Noah is a beautiful film and one that if you do decide to go see it in theaters, I highly recommend getting the FULL movie experience by seeing it in IMAX, as the visuals of this film are worth every extra cent. But, if you are one who might be conflicted with the film due to your views of the Bible then I still recommend taking out your wallets for the film and purchasing the movie on Blu-Ray to develop an opinion. Seeing this film on Netflix or any other format would not do the film any justice.

Rating: 8.5/10



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