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Movie Review: Make Your Move

Justin Morales image

Justin Morales wrote this review 3 years and 9 months ago

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Director: Duane Adler
Starring: Derek Hough, BoA, Will Yun Lee
Release Date: April 18, 2014

Donny (Derek Hough) is fresh out of jail and sentenced to parole in the state of Louisiana. Like many who are on parole, Donny has to follow a set of rules: not allowed 100 feet close to a bar and must have a job. These two rules may seem easy to follow but when you live in New Orleans where there is a bar every 20 feet and your passion is dancing – you’re going to run into a few problems. And his Parole Officer Foster (Dan Lauria) isn’t giving Donny a break neither – making absolutely sure Donny isn’t dancing in front of any bars trying to earn money. It even gets to the point where Donny shouts, “if that PO keeps busting my chops I’m gonna swing him one day.” Donny just can’t take it anymore and gets the sudden idea to skip out on parole and move to Brooklyn and meet up with his brother Nick (Wesley Jonathan) who runs the best club in town, Static.

Little does Donny know, he is about to put himself in the middle of a bout between Nick and co-founder of Static but now enemy, Kaz (Will Yun Lee). See what happened was, Michael (Jefferson Brown) a wealthy Wall Street businessman, formed wedges between the two ex-friends and now runs Kaz’s newest club, aka Static’s biggest competition.

Just as Nick has to deal with the turmoil any younger sibling causes, so does Kaz with his younger sister Aya (BoA), who immediately catches Nick’s attention *cue the Romeo and Juliet doomed romance*.  Kaz has worked his behind off to bring Aya to the United States and with three weeks left on her visa, Kaz is working on a solution that will have her visa renewed and hopes Michael is the answer. With Nick and Kaz already fighting, they are just as stern with their siblings talking to each other, and after Aya and Donny first run into one another, a fight breaks out cutting their first run in short but leaving Donny wanting more.

Donny, whose feelings keep growing for Aya (and yes it is mutual), grows anger against his brother Nick for his foolish feud with Kaz. So much that he’d rather sleep in an abandoned church than stay with his brother. As days pass the tension between Nick and Kaz only grows stronger as each make dangerous moves to have the each others club shut down. And when Michael finds out about Aya and Donny’s romance, he is even more determined to see the end of Static, as he also has feelings for Aya.

Michael only gets closer to his goal when he finds out that Donny has left Louisana while on parole and that Static is bending a few rules to keep their establishment open. With this new knowledge Michael gets exactly what he wants – Static shut down and Aya. Donny must now find a way to bring everyone together and do something he has never done before; not give up on something.

Writer/Director Duane Adler is no stranger to dance films as he has written and directed other well known dance films such as Step Up, Save the Last Dance, Make It Happen, and The Way She Moves. Adler brings that same great simplistic dancing and teen-friendly storyline to Make Your Move. But what choreographers do with their dances, Adler doesn’t do with the dialogue of the film – which is, show and not tell. But the dance sequences pick up the slack of the dialogue and keeps you entertained throughout the film as the choreography is not only elegant but also energetic.

Derek Hough, a professional dancer who can also be seen on Dancing with the Stars, is dancing his way into Hollywood just like his sister, Julianne Hough (Footloose). Hough’s acting can be polished up some more but his footwork is as good as it gets. We also get an introduction to K-Pop star BoA as she makes her Hollywood debut, whose chemistry with co-star Derek Hough was as good as their dance moves throughout the film.

Overall, Make Your Move is a storyline we have seen over and over again and definitely will not be the last time we see it in a film, especially because Adler plans on releasing yet another Step Up later this year. I personally do not recommend you taking out your wallets to see this film in theaters. I advise you wait until you are given the opportunity to see it on Netflix.

Rating: 6/10



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