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Movie Review: Puncture

Tim Stevens image

Tim Stevens wrote this review 6 years and 3 months ago

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After seeing ”Puncture” last night in previews, it’s still haunting me.  True stories have a way of sticking with you a little longer.  Perhaps it’s because fiction is plausible - but reality is sometimes unbelievable.  

Puncture is the story of lawyer and functioning drug addict, Michael Weiss (Chris Evans) who takes on big medicine and corporate greed in Houston, Texas after a nurse, Vicky  (Vinessa Shaw) becomes infected by a contaminated syringe.  The story line is unfortunately all too familiar and sadly true.  Chris Evans delivers a stunning portrayal of our hero? and there are times during this film when his dysfunction is so intense you wonder how Mr. Weiss was able to do any of the things he's credited with achieving.  Mark Kassen costars as his legal partner, Paul Danziger and delvers a plausible performance as the unaware, stable enabler in this complex co-dependent relationship.  As it is said, truth is stranger then fiction, here too it is hard to believe that these two men, with such different values and life styles, somehow are able to create a cohesive and effective team... at least at times.  

The film felt a little long at times and dragged in scenes, in part due to the cinematic style of the film.  Clearly the intent was to weave this story in a thought provoking and deeply visceral way, and to its credit it succeeds in both.  

For film lovers though, this is a treat - a strong true story, a cinematic style that will have you involved and engrossed from the beginning to end and spectacular performances from the cast make this worth the trip to the theater.



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