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Movie Review: Lucky Bastard

Mike Pierce image

Mike Pierce wrote this review 3 years and 1 month ago

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I just finished watching a screener for the upcoming film LUCKY BASTARD and by the title of the movie...I'm not so sure if he was so 'lucky' after all. (lol) What's it about? Check itttttt...

LUCKY BASTARD is the story of a shy young man who wins a contest to have sex with a famous porn star on an adult website. When the young man arrives at the porno house / set location, his every move is captured on the numerous reality television-style wallcams that are spread out everywhere in the house. It is the found footage from these cameras that tells the story of the inevitable and horrifying reality of what actually happened.


Not that you know what it's about - you're probably wondering... "Mike, what did you think of it?" Well…it’s not a bad movie. I liked it. Now…keep in mind…it’s no HUGE HOLLYWOOD BUDGET FILM…but it gets the job done. Without giving too much away – it had its good parts and maybe a couple of bad parts.

THE GOOD…interesting ‘found footage’ story. I've watched a lot of movies like this – but this has to be the FIRST ‘Found Footage’ Porn flick for me. (lol) I thought it was cool – I mean…what guy hasn't wished of winning a contest like this. (lol) I know I have…and for some reason I always pictured myself doing what David/Ernest does…EXCEPT THE KILLING PART! (lol) I thought when David/Ernest decides to go all psycho – his murders were believable. (lol) I’m not going to lie – I was worried about the blood stuff. So HIGH 5 there LUCKY BASTARD folks! (lol) Last but not least - David/Ernest whatever. I thought the dude who played him - was solid. David/Ernest was a total creeper!! I guess because of people like HIM is the reason why we don't see a lot of contests like these. (lol) DAMN YOU CRAZIES!

THE BAD…some of the acting was a little off for me. I mean…for a ‘found footage’ porn movie – the sex parts - they didn't feel right for me...kind of cheesy...not believable. AND I KNOW...some of ya'll are thinking "What do you know Mike?!" and to that I would say, "I’m a connoisseur of Adult Entertainment - and that is all. (lol)

OH WAIT...WHY WOULDN'T ASHLEY RUN?! COME ONNNN...SHE HAD SO MANY CHANCES!!! Ok - I'm good now. I just had to get that out. OH WAIT one more Casey :( I was soooo Team Casey. (HAWT)

I GIVE LUCKY BASTARD 2 OUT OF 5 POPCORN''s a cool watch. If you're into midnight slasher flicks, WTF movies, 'found footage' movies or even porn...then LUCKY BASTARD is for you. (lol)

LUCKY BASTARD will release at the Cinema Village this Friday in New York and at the Laemmle’s NoHo 7 in Los Angeles on March 7th - it will expand to additional cities throughout the spring.

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