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Movie Review: Buried Alive

Brody Manson image

Brody Manson wrote this review 3 years and 11 months ago

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I wonder if I should even write a review for this movie since I never read the Edgar Allen Poe story it was based on & even if I did read the story I probably wouldn't get it since I never understand his stories anyway.If I did read the story, Would the movie have made more sense or would it have even made a difference? Since I watched it yesterday I guess I'll write a review.I'm glad I got to see this movie off the free channel because it's not a movie I would've paid to see or rent.This movie is only worth watching if you can see it for free.It's a good time waster if you're looking for a horror flick to watch.If you do watch Burried Alive then you'll understand why the movie was a flop, a sequel was never made & why you should not pay to watch it



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