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Movie Review: Homefront

Mike Pierce image

Mike Pierce wrote this review 4 years and 1 month ago

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Jason Statham's back people and guess what??! He's NOT wearing his traditional black and white suit. (lol)

Let me start off by saying that I liked HOMEFRONT and I definitely think it's worth a watch. It actually hits theaters today...sooooo now you have something to do. (lol) OHHHH and for some of ya'll that might think the movie poster's a little cheesy with the whole American's NOT cheesy. NOPE. Not at all - NOTHING like PARKER starring Jennifer Lopez. (lol)

I thought Jason Statham did great and having a daughter in the film shows people that the dude can actually act. Izabela Vidovic who plays his daughter Maddy in the film did really good as well. Keep your eyes on this one. (lol) The lovely Kate Bosworth plays a really good cracked out crazy mom - - there were some many times that I wanted to reach out and slap here...but I couldn't (lol)...she just causes sooooooo much drama. James Franco - that dude plays a REALLY good bad guy named Gator. (lol) His chick is played by Winona Ryder...and I gotta say. I was never a fan of hers back in the day...but lately - she's looking hot. (lol)

As you can see - HOMEFRONT has a pretty solid cast that delivers. The action made me happy. Jason Statham whoops tha ass but it's not the 'overboard' whooping though. It's quite believable. The movie's even got some comedy - Teedo will make ya laugh. (lol) 

I give HOMEFRONT... 3 1/2 out of 5 popcorns. If you're looking some action this Thanksgiving I's worth the watch.

Mike -



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