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Movie Review: Oldboy

Justin Morales image

Justin Morales wrote this review 4 years ago

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Director: Spike Lee
Starring: Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Samuel L. Jackson

Joe Doucett (Josh Brolin) is an alcoholic advertising executive and throughout his life has made plenty of enemies for being malicious. So when he’s kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement, he has an idea as to why he is being held captive, but doesn't know by whom. To make matters worse, the same person who imprisoned him rapes and kills his ex-wife and frames Doucett for the crime, which he finds out through a TV show that randomly appears on his television set. The death of his ex-wife then leads to his 3 year old daughter to live with a foster family.



Throughout his imprisonment, Doucett has plenty of time to reflect on how he lived his life and the relationship he never had with his daughter and decides to change who he is as a person for the better - starting off with his addiction to alcohol. On the 20th anniversary of the murder of his wife, Mysteries of Crime airs an interview with Doucett's daughter. After hearing his daughter say that there is a possibility that she can forgive her father and would take the chance to understand his actions, Doucett begins writing letters to his daughter that he is determined to give her and is finally able to when he is released. So he thinks..



Doucett's path to finding his daughter is not an easy one at all. Adrian Pryce (Sharlto Copley), a billionaire business man and a former school mate of his, reveals little information of who he is, but confesses to being the man who imprisoned him for 20 years and offers him a proposition. He will hand over the videotape that shows that Pryce committed the crime against Doucett's ex-wife, his daughter’s location, millions of dollars in diamonds and will place a bullet through his own head for Doucett to watch. The catch? Doucett has to answer two questions: What is the billionaire’s name and why did he imprison Doucett. With the help of a new friend Marie (Elizabeth Olsen), Doucett is determined to answer these questions and get his daughter back.



I am a HUGE fan of films that are unpredictable and Oldboy is definitely one of those films. The ending will have you speechless and that is a fact! I am writing this review three days after seeing the film and I still talk about the ending. My mind is still currently recovering on the mind blowing experience this movie has given me. There are plenty of reasons to watch this film but this ending has got to be one of the biggest.

Josh Brolin's dedication and performance is another reason to see this film. While being imprisoned you get so many different kinds of behaviors from Brolin: loneliness, anger, delusional, sadness - all while confronting his worst enemy, himself. Brolin's character doesn't know when he is going to be freed, and he portrays how someone would react if that happens to them beautifully. Then his dedication was like no other, he had to gain 15 pounds in 4 days just to lose it all over the weekend. But Brolin was not the only great performer in this film, as Elizabeth Olsen and Samuel L Jackson all put out good performances as well.



After one viewing, I have nothing but praise for Oldboy as I do plan on seeing this movie again and I highly recommend all of you guys to see it as well. But I would advise not to bring children because not only is the material not suitable for a younger audience but it may also make adults feel uncomfortable. But besides that, take everyone and tell everyone about this film. Easily Oldboy is one of the top films of the year thus far and can crack my own top list of favorite films. This is a remake of the 2003 film of the same name, I did not see the original but do plan to.

What The Delio?!:  9.5/10



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