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Movie Review: All Is Lost

Patrick King image

Patrick King wrote this review 4 years and 3 months ago

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Robert Redford navigates the Indian Ocean alone after his sailboat takes on water.  An interesting start showcases Redford’s MacGyver resourcefulness and ingenuity with glimpses of even Ferdinand Magellan.  Unfortunately, we also see traits of The Skipper and Gilligan between storms.  But it’s not Redford’s lack of preparation or inability to create one’s own luck that sets this film off-course.  This movie has multiple challenges, aside from bailing water.  A lack of character development and investment in Redford is compounded by little to no dialogue, and a supporting cast that remains MIA throughout. This film may not have needed a Mary Ann or Ginger, but it certainly would have helped.  Several times during the movie I was content with it ending at that point, leaving the hapless Redford to become chum in the deep waters.  The actual ending leaves viewers adrift and wanting to send out their own S.O.S. Grade: D+




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