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Movie Review: Carrie

Justin Morales image

Justin Morales wrote this review 4 years and 4 months ago

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Director: Kimberly Peirce
Starring: Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, Gabriella Wilde

Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) was born to Margaret White (Julianne Moore), a mother who did not want her child due to the father forcing himself onto her, so Margaret contemplated taking Carrie's life away during child birth. But when she saw the baby's beautiful face she decided she wouldn't. Margaret is a deeply religious woman, who worships God more than anything in this world and due to that she becomes overly protective of her daughter.


17 years later, Carrie is now entering her senior year of high school after being home schooled by her mother, who was forced by the State to send her to public school. Carrie is a shy girl, an outcast by her peers and very to herself. One day after gym class Carrie is showering and notices blood. Girls usually get their period for the first time when they are fairly young but not Carrie. She had no idea what getting your period was or meant and she became frightened for her life when she started to see all that blood. The frightened Carrie quickly runs to her classmates begging for help, but these girls are your typical bullies and found this as a way to pick on a helpless girl who is balling in tears about her period. Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde) and Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday) leads a pack of girls in calling Carrie freak while throwing tampons and pads at her. This would continue until Ms. Desjardin (Judy Greer) comes in and protects the frightened Carrie. But on that same day Carrie discovered something else her body is capable of - moving objects with her mind.


Ms. Desjardin, who sympathized with Carrie, was given the authority to punish the girls who tortured the newly powered girl. What else to punish a bunch of  senior girls than to take their beloved senior prom away? That would of been the punishment if Sue and Kristen and their classmates didn't do suicides for a entire gym period. Sue, who has been feeling guilty for Carrie, took on the punishment as something that she deserved and ran the suicides with no complaints. Kristen on the other hand decides to rebel and expected Sue and her friends to follow, but that didn't happen. She was then punished with a suspension and no prom.


As Sue continued to grow sorry for Carrie, she decides to sacrifice her perfect senior prom for her by letting her boyfriend Tommy Ross (Ansel Elgort) take Carrie to the beloved event. But as Sue become more sympathetic towards Carrie, Kristen's hatred grew and she schemed a plan with her bad boy boyfriend Billy (Alex Russell) to turn Carrie's perfect night into hell. But what they don't know is that hell is going to be brought to them.


Carrie is a remake of the 1976 movie of the same name and the reimagination of Stephen King's classic novel Carrie. The 1976 version, a version I have not seen myself, has received much praise for its horror and suspense. The 2013 reimagination on the other hand does not reach that mark.

Chloë Grace Moretz did an amazing job playing the shy sheltered Carrie but the one small problem I had was that Moretz naturally has too much of an adorable look to play a "Carrie".  But let's not take that away from the acting performance we do receive from Moretz' version of Carrie. As strong as Moretz was Julianne Moore was equally as strong, the duo's performance is the a true highlight of the film. Moore changes from a concerned and loving mother to a frightened religious over bearer with ease throughout the film and does a great job not getting lost in neither persona.


Besides the final segment of the film where Carrie re-leashes her powers on her classmates as she seeks revenge, the suspense in the film was always turned down a notch, the film maker never drags you towards the edge of your seat. The intensity on the other hand was felt throughout the film from different relationships: Carrie and her mother, Kristen and her boyfriend, and Kristen with Sue. The build up of all three of those relationships makes the final scene more epic when Carrie truly seeks revenge.

Overall I would skip out on seeing the 2013 version of Carrie if you intend on going to the movies this Halloween to get your fright on. But if you are a fan of Stephen King than like past films, you won't be disappointed. Carrie is currently getting mixed reviews (51% from RottenTomatoes) which is huge downgrade from the 1976 classic.

What The Delio?!: 7/10



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