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Movie Review: Lovelace

Mike Pierce image

Mike Pierce wrote this review 4 years and 4 months ago

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I REALLY, REALLY liked this movie....and for those of you who are thinking, "Of course you would Mike, it's a porn movie!" Well guess's more than that AND to be hardly has anything in it...there's more in BOOGIE NIGHTS. (lol)

There's quit a few things I liked about LOVELACE. Amy Seyfriend is not only HAWT...but she does a great job playing Linda Lovelace. The roller coaster of emotionals that Amanda goes through...WHOA. Peter Sarsgaard who plays Linda's husband in the film, Chuck - - THIS DUDE. Man I hated him from the beginning all the way to the slim ball. I would put this dude in my Top 3 'Most Hated Husband's in Film' list. (lol) The whole cast was solid. 

I also liked the way LOVELACE was shot - it had that 80's film feel to it. Watch it and you'll see what I'm talking about. (lol) The soundtrack...Cool. I found myself grroving in my theater seat. (lol) OH...and just a reminder...if you watch it - - DO NOT get up and leave the movie playing - - from time to time...LOVELACE goes through some 'flashbacks' scenes of Linda's life - - and for me....those were some of the best parts of the movie. PAUSE if you have to. (lol)

I did look online for ya'll - when it comes to Houston - I don't see it playing anywhere BUT...I did see that it's available on iTunes. Sure it'll be coming to DVD/Blu-ray soon.

I give LOVELACE... 4 1/2 out of 5 popcorns. It's just one of those movie's that deserves a watch. It's got a lot - comedy, drama, and even WTF moments! Just watch it. (lol)



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