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Movie Review: Pacific Rim

Eric Hook image

Eric Hook wrote this review 4 years and 6 months ago

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Pacific Rim has created a rift among bloggers & critics, opinions are outspoken in both directions. But a movement has begun from the fans of the film. A word of mouth epidemic to help build momentum for a sequel, but more importantly to boost box office return to even make a case for one. This near obsession audiences are forming can be attributed to the breathtaking fight sequences in the film, and it isn’t hyperbole when I say they may be the impressive effects I’ve ever seen.

The biggest plus regarding Pacific Rim is the breathing room it’s given to expand. Both the monsters & robots are designed and judged in categories. Giving both groups infinite opportunities to become even more preposterous in size & scope. And on a non-serious note, keep an eye out for a lawsuit from the Power Rangers. The Jaegers are a spitting image of the ‘Megazord’. The look, the way they are piloted, the sword. I mean come on Guillermo.. it’s obvious!

The drama is very soap opera-ish, but unlike another effect heavy movie like Transformers 3, the storyline is not completely fruitless & spoon-fed, each plot point is clever enough to keep us busy between battles. And the prologue was believable under the circumstances, using the dinosaur explanation & showing how the public turned Jaegar pilots into celebrities. At my showing the film didn’t receive one laugh, not one. Which is something that could be improved on, or perhaps it reflected more on that particular audience. Many of the actors were foreign which was appropriate as the problem was global. Although some of the fake accents were noticeably bad, but guys like Idris Elba & Clifton Collins Jr. kept it believable. Like I’ve said throughout the review, there is so much more that can be done with this idea, so I plea that people go out and support it. You might be pleasantly surprised.



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