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Movie Review: World War Z

Eric Hook image

Eric Hook wrote this review 4 years and 7 months ago

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World War Z is a film that probably won’t conjure much discussion as you leave the theater, but the word ‘awesome’ may get thrown around. It’s very much just a run away & be chased kind of movie. But each chase scene is in a completely different country, giving a complete worldview of this zombie apocalypse. Each location we travel to, provides us with another breadcrumb of understanding towards this unforeseen solution. All culminating to a thrilling yet hushed finale in contrast to the rest of the film.

The zombies were noise activated, taking a page right from the video game industry. Besides the disease spreading through bites, these zombies were completely alien to the audience, and it was fun to learn about them. Especially since the filmmakers followed Pitt’s perspective to a ‘T’. We found things out as he did, never knowing more or less than his character at any given time. It was action-packed from start to finish, and the foreshadowing actually held value in the end. Highly recommend, especially if you enjoy watching Pitt’s hair blowing vicariously in the wind.



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