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Movie Review: Man Of Steel

Eric Hook image

Eric Hook wrote this review 4 years and 7 months ago

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My thoughts after 2 viewings!

The most successful piece of the film was the lineage of Krypton & Clark’s upbringing. The acting of the Kryptonians definitely felt staged, but that sequence was still exciting & effective. Introducing grownup Clark, saving people on an oil rig, walking out of the ocean with mangled clothes, Soundgarden blaring in the ether. The film’s ’cool’ factor would never be higher.. Now launching into a very impersonal series of flashbacks from Clark’s childhood. The acting was solid, but by making this artistic choice, some of the warmness of this family rubbed off. But while imperfect, part 1 was still my favorite section of the film. (On a side note, how did Jonathan & Martha get that enormous ship into their barn, that was not a two person job?!)

Looking at perspectives in the film. Superman probably didn’t have the most prominent viewpoint. Everything was geared towards him, but for a large portion we were looking at things from the journalistic & military standpoints. SERIOUSLY THOUGH! Can we cut it out with the military involvement in every superhero movie, that point of view is dried up & boring. Nobody gives a shit what the military thinks, it’s been done a thousand times before… I was disappointed we didn’t get to know grownup Clark a little better. But not to knock Cavill, I found him to be perfect for this role, I wouldn’t change a thing about his performance.

The explanations behind Zod’s plan were better received during the second viewing. It all made sense, but I didn’t find it to be overwhelmingly clever, especially the method of his demise?!?! As for the final battle & really all of the fights in the film. They were neat, but also had a complete disregard for life. 100,000 people were probably killed as Superman fought these bad guys. Basically Metropolis & part of Smallville got nuked. Superman couldn’t take the fight to the countryside? All I’m saying is if this was a cop movie, and Superman had to face his Chief after destroying the city like that. He would get a hardcore reaming, and surely lose his gun & badge.

David Goyer wrote Man of Steel, after previously working with Nolan on The Dark Knight Trilogy. So if we use those movies as a precursor, the next two sequels will be much improved. I kind of hope Snyder is replaced for the sequel, based on his use of the Shaky Cam. I don’t mind its presence, but I feel like he REALLY overused it, especially in some of the calmer scenes. Although the person I saw it with didn’t notice it at all… Overall liked the movie, but Man of Steel had gaping flaws.



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